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Travels With Charley Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Lost bus. Travels with Charley”

I easily plunged into a journey across the United States of America from a rather restless novel “The Winter of our discontent” of the author. Without thinking, I dived into the pick-up “Rocinante”: the driver immediately said that was the name of Don Quixote’s horse. I nodded, as if it remembered. So delicious smell of coffee, and good eye-brows with houses scattered Charlie last awkwardness of dating. I sat back, slightly surpassing Charlie, then his muzzle was in my lap. On large and it is not necessary to dream – the road, the road again

To complete the feeling and understanding I equip yourself with the small tourist map, on which each state assigned a certain color, which is very convenient!. I just had to find the city, the route points but listen to entertaining storyteller – author makes it exciting. Each state in the American people has its “home” name -. Imperial, Garden, Granite, etc.

I am with all my heart attached to Charlie with him concerned for our driver, and for us – a little Do what ?! And he never ceased to share his thoughts with us which overwhelmed everyone in the long road. Along the way we met home-mobiles, in my opinion, an amazing invention: Start roots in one place, and if you let down the work, then moved on, without any trouble, to seek a better life

Travels With Charley Essay

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I can say with certainty. that after this “trip” America is somehow “kept within” me. Now I know why I was mistaken on account of the location of Niagara Falls; where in Texas took the cowboys: they have lived there ever since a former Mexican territory – brave Texans pulled her freedom and preserve their independence, because they can get out of the US at any time. Visit the home of the author, in California, I also felt sad that around strangers, foreigners :), and the same were only giant trees with the magic name of Sequoia. So, we all decided that we should not walk around the streets of the past, hoping to find there what you once left. It is in you … and at any moment, if you wish, you can even remember the smell … Author suggested in this regard refer to T. Wolfe and his book, “Home of no return”, I promised to read:)

leave sad. I learned to wash the road! You take a bucket, attach it to the bar, pour water, fill the powder, you put the laundry, and going … the process of swinging is doing its job, is to rinse the laundry in the river … and dry on a halt.

«What could be better than a good man “But along the way met different people, there were also those who” look where you slot, where it is necessary to let go of the coin. ” In Steinbeck’s love for his people is bordered by the criticism, but then he says: “When there were something like that, it should criticize and condemn, similar shortcomings were found and I have.” Here’s a wise companion is waiting for you, and with him and Charlie, who is always ready to support a delicate conversation using the “FTT”, intelligent eyes and tail.

Going on the road, you will not regret!

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