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“The Lady and the Hooligan” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Lady and the Hooligan”

To expect from the adventurous female detective of some seriousness, especially, is psychological, or even logic of life, of course, is not necessary. They are created to entertain. In most cases, set up like a blueprint – beauty-heroine, a handsome “musketeer” -geroy. It – good girl, he – a reformed bully. Both steps in the mountains of corpses, which both appear easy, so easy, and disappear without any investigations and experiences. At the end of all rich and happy. On such literature will always be in demand. And personally, I did not intend for it to condemn. She sometimes falling on the couch with a similar book to “relax the brain”, I read a couple of hours and then forget. It is true of all female adventurers-detektivschits caught on my shelves only Tatyana Polyakova. Easy style, brisk change of scenes, characters, describe some, but very bright strokes … If you want to forget about the troubles and not let the heavy thoughts in my head – I read it. Sometimes “no”, but often funny. Often “easy and empty”, but sometimes something slips … It is this book – “Lady and the Hooligan” – for me one of those “no way.” The author has more serious things. There are more fun. This is the same – standard carbon paper with everything that I listed above. And really comment on the product you will not write. Read and crumbled. Even without a deposit. A few days later emerge episode, and will remember for a long time – and from what kind of book it is

Here’s what confuses …

«Tatiana Polyakova was born in Vladimir, where he lives at the moment with my family?. She graduated from the philological faculty of the Ivanovo Pedagogical Institute, there was a family, a son was born. It had to arrange in kindergarten, and a place in the group at that time was very bad. Therefore, Tatiana went to work as a teacher in kindergarten … and stayed there for 14 years. »

Modest kindergarten and permanent piles of corpses and selected bandits. Wow sublimation product:))

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But to try Tatyana Polyakova in another genre … Faculty of Philology … Was never “shoot»

The result of all this

1. Wrote a review in a fit of bad mood because of the “hanging” previews of the book on my page in the “Waiting reviews.” It is unlikely that it will help the person who is waiting for this review …

2. To read? Of course reading! If you want to. . If you want something easy and audacious

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3. If you like serious literature and proud of your taste, immediately go to a different page. Immediately!

4. All.

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