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The Interlopers and Of Mice and Men Paper

The characteristics of the characters Curly from Of Mice and Men and Ulrich von Gradwitz from “The Interlopers” are aggressive, grudgeful, and bitter individuals. Because of one reason or another both characters have anger in their hearts and on their minds. The difference between them is that Ulrich von Gradwitz overcomes his anger towards Georg Znaeym towards the end of the short story.

Characterization is always very important to every novel, short story, or essay. The reader needs to be able to understand and picture each character because they are not inside the authors’ brain. The author needs to be thorough in his description of each character because they tend to pilot the story. From Of Mice and Men, Curley is a thin young man with a brown face, with brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair. He continuously picked fights because he felt like he always had something to prove as man of smaller stature. He enjoyed having power over others because in some way it satisfied him since he was a smaller man. He also tried to prove himself by marrying a very beautiful woman (who is never given a name but referred to as Curleys’ wife). He considered her his possession and isolated her on the ranch. He was mean to his wife and cannot satisfy her; though he kept his hand soft for her by wearing a glove full of Vaseline at all times, he still frequented the local whorehouse. In “The Interlopers” Ulrich von Gradwitz was the first person of the two men to extend a conciliatory gesture proves that in his heart he was a decent and noble man. That he continued a generation’s long feud would show that he was stubborn and opinionated; it would also show that he had clannish loyalties. Ulrich was defined by the feud of which he held so dear.

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The characters are similar in many ways. Both Curley and Ulrich were bitter just because they could be. Curley was aggressive with everyone just because he felt like he could be. He wanted to s…

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