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The Influences of Gandhi and Maximilien Robespierre Essay

Over the course of history, there have been many inspirational individuals. Be there influence good or bad, their impact on the current state of humanity is ineffable. Two of such individuals are Maximilien Robespierre and Mohandas Gandhi. Both of these individuals set out to bring about change. Maximilien Robespierre made his impact in the period of the French Revolution. He lived in a time where royalty and members of the 1st and 2nd estates lived a life of luxury, while the peasants and other members of the 3rd estate struggled to survive. The stratification of French society under the Estates System benefited only about 2% of the population when the tax burden, as well as the burden of labor and production, fell firmly on the shoulders of the 3rd estate. It’s not hard to understand why revolution started. But once it did, and with the king overthrown many new problems started to appear under the new government, the National Assembly. The new government attempted to create a democracy but faced large challenges. Robespierre and other radical Jacobins rose to power when a National Convention was called. They set out to make a better France. They talked about democracy and liberty.

One of the main problems faced by Robespierre’s government was that he believed France was threatened by traitors and rebels, still loyal to the old regime. Some were moderates fearful of the massive changes proposed and pushed for by Robespierre. Other enemies were sympathizers of the old regime. Robespierre believed that there were enemies within France and outside France, some of which were emigre?s who had been part of the old regime and had fled early in the revolution. The threat of enemies caused Robespiere to create a mercyless system, of finding and killing all those who opposed him. (Doc. 5b) Robespierr believed that only if these dangerous elements were removed could France become a true democracy. (Doc. 5a) However, this move, of killing had …

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