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The Influence of Japanese Colonialism Essay

During the last sixteenth century, Japan showed its ambitions to the world. In order to conquer China, Japan invaded and colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945. Although just as a stepping-stone country, Korea had to endure the oppression of Japan. Koreans were forced to follow the rules of the Japanese and their resources were taken away to enrich Japan. During this time, oppressed Korean people suffered humiliation and pain. Although, under the oppressive and heavy-handed rule of Japan, colonial rule helped Korean society grow considerably in terms of industrial development and commerce expansion. However, the benefits Japanese colonialismwas much less than the determents for the Koreans. Japanese colonialism was a source of exploitation oppression rather than a source of civilization.

Korean people living during the colonial period would not admit Japanese colonialism to be a source of civilization. If they followed the rules of the Japanese, they were able to go to school, and, to some extent, share the same resources. Christopher’s grandmother was living the colonial period. According to the memories of Christopher’s grandmother, “the Japanese insisted on Koreans, and especially youngsters, speaking the Japanese language at all times. The officer was pleased to hear her speak in his own language and so smiled and let her carry on,”(Smith). Christopher’s grandmother’s family was extremely wealthy. Therefore, her grandmother got chance to go to Japanese elementary school. Her principal was Japanese, and speaking Korean was strictly forbidden. She said most of her time was spent digging holes for the Japanese because the Japanese were starting to worry about being captured by the Americans after the war. The Koreans at that time seemingly have the same right as the Japanese. However, the Koreans did not feel that they were treated equally. There were distinct gaps between Japanese and Korean. Yang Songdok, b.1919, said that

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