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The Inevitable Conflict: Europeans and Native Americans Essay

The Native Americans and Europeans clashed because of the division of cultures, religion, government, and many more. Europeans are said to say “the only good Native American is a dead one.” What happened to the Indians?Some may say it all happened after Christopher Columbus’s arrival because their population declined by ninety-five percent. (Text pg.208) When the white men traveled to the New World they brought over their diseases. Native Americans had low to no immunity because of the ice age period isolating them so there was no migration.(Lecture September 4th)Ninety percent of Indians perished from diseases. There were some Indians that got along with Europeans. They shifted their mindsets and eventually converted to European religion and traditions.

Kevin Kenny from the Peaceable Kingdom Lost: The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn’s Holy Experiment assumes William Penn’s “holy experiment” to join together Christians and Native Americans in a peaceful matter and the Paxton Boys deliberate and brutal attack on Conestoga Indians opened the gates and thus made conflict inevitable. Kevin Kenny focuses his section on the Pennsylvania colony owned by William Penn. Penn’s relationship with the Indians was seen as more cordial and treated them with respect. In the end “the eventual outcome was everywhere the same: expropriation, conquest, and extermination.” (Text pg. 211) The downfall came from the ownership of Penn’s sons, the French and Indian War, and the Paxton Boys. (Text pg. 211) The Paxton boys wanted control and somewhere they could call their own. They attacked a town of Conestoga Indians killing all twenty-six of them living there. The Paxton boys were let off the hook with no punishment for killing the Conestoga Indians who were under the government’s protection. (Text pg. 212) The failure to punish the Paxton Boys then opened a gate for other settlers to believe this was okay. This wo…

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