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The Industrial Revolution Effects and Social Class Essay

The industrial revolution happened in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this time, significant breakthroughs in technology occurred and transformed the ways in which agriculture, trade, and manufacturing were carried out. Technological inventions such as the steam engine, cotton gin, and the sewing machine changed the global economies and introduced lasting changes to all classes of people.

The Upper Class

The newly invented technologies brought about mass production of goods sold at lower prices and quicker than before, triggering a rise in consumption and production (Staton, 2012). The expansion of trade and increased manufacturing made the rich businesspersons get even richer. The successful middle-class factory owners got the chance to move up the social ladder to the upper class. The newly generated wealth from industrialization permitted the wealthy people to build big mansions, accumulate fine art, and establish libraries and museums. Griffin and Hargis (2012) offer that the degree to which the elite group enjoyed prosperity got higher and they were able to attain a realm of extravagance and increased luxury.

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The Middle Class

The middle class experienced huge benefits from the industrial revolution. The establishment of factories and businesses generated many new job opportunities (Griffin & Hargis, 2012). The middle class developed since the occupations like shopkeepers, accountants, and merchants gave the working class an opportunity to raise themselves into a higher social strata. According to Staton (2012), the income of these workers increased allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the newly affordable fine clothing and furniture amenities hence improved lifestyle standards. Additionally, this class was able to give their children high-quality education to maintain their social standing and importantly, rise, in the following generation.

Poverty Prevailed Among the Poor

The working and the poor class people experi…

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