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The Indigenous Freedom Rides Essay

Australia’s modern society was evidently transformed by the Indigenous Freedom Rides, a movement driven by University students in the 1960’s, through drawing attention to racial prejudice. Racism among Australians society came in forms that included segregation; of which a race is seen as inferior, excluding Indigenous from white Anglo-Saxon activities (Dictionary.com, 2016). Pivotal activists involved in the movement used media and public protests to demonstrate the inequality of Indigenous people, which led to the Referendum in 1962. The Referendum was the turning point for the attitudes to Indigenous rights, giving them full rights as citizens (Australian Geographic, 2010). Racism, in particular the Indigenous Freedom Rides had a significant impact on the modern world, as it was the key event that influenced individuals to vote in favour of removing the states control over Indigenous people.

The Indigenous Freedom Rides began in 1965 as a group of university students formed into a body they called ‘Student Action for Aborigines’ (SAFA), where they travelled through the towns of New South Wales and aimed to draw public attention to the poor state of Aboriginal health, education and housing (National Museum Australia, 2014). This demonstrates that without the SAFA protestors, a less liberal state government would be formed within Australia. According to the National Museum of Australia, a credible source infers positively that “The group of university students aimed to lessen the socially discriminatory barriers which existed between Indigenous people and white residents” (2014). However, reliable source, Australian Biography (1999) corroborates with National Museum of Australia through elaboration of the significant leaders participating in the Indigenous Freedom Rides, and this is evident when he states, “the most influential character involved in the Indigenous Freedom Rides was Charles Perkins”. This shows Charles…

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