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The Importance of the arts in schools Paper

The first reason the arts are beneficial would have to be that the arts encourage kids to build self-confidence. I mean if you haven’t noticed kids these days care more about what others think Of them than what they think of themselves. This happens a lot because many of these kids or students lack self-confidence. But when some students decide to enroll in let’s say a theatre class and they discover that having fun and exploring new ways of art can help them forget their insecurities. People may think that a student gaining self-confidence means nothing and there wrong because that means a lot.

Besides that the fact that a simple theatre class can change how a tuned sees themselves and make them feel confident that my friend is truly beautiful. The second reason why the arts are useful for schools is that the arts help students improve their learning success. In fact a University in California did a study using 25,000 middle and high school students and they found that the students participating in the arts did better on Standardized tests than those who weren’t. Besides that the arts help with learning because the teachers who teach the arts always make sure to motivate their students and that actually really helps.

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Also the arts help teach more reading and engage skills, thinking skills, and even social skills. Most importantly the arts contain positive school environment because everyone in the arts are in forced to respect each other. Meaning that students can feel comfortable going to school without troubles but with peace! The final reason why the arts are beneficial is that the arts help students express themselves. Many students find it hard to express themselves. But with the arts expressing yourself can be as easy as reciting the A, B, CSS. The more students that choose to express themselves through the arts.

The easier it becomes to try new hinges. Mean what better than the arts to express yourself! You can sing your feelings, write about them or act about them so many possibilities! That was my third and final reason on how the arts are beneficial. Now those are all three reasons on how the arts are beneficial and helpful to schools. My point is that the arts are amazing and that they can help students in so many ways. I hope that now you are convinced that the arts are one of the most marvelous things we have in American schools. Also that not only students but also adults should always appreciate and honor it.

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