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The Importance of Reading Novels Paper

In general, when we talk about reading novels, students always say that they do not like reading novels because they are often boring. Almost all students think that reading novels is useless because they have a lot of text books to read. Indeed, reading novels is really useful for improving language skills, gaining knowledge, and entertainment. Reading novels helps to improve our language skills, for example, reading skills, and writing skills. The more we practice, the more we can do it well. If we want to be good at reading, we have to read more often. Reading novels is a good choice to practice reading. Furthermore, we can learn a lot of vocabulary, and use them correctly after reading novels. When we read novels, there are many interesting words that we have never known before. We can use them correctly by noticing the way the author uses them and apply them to be suitable in our situations. There are many different kinds of words, for example, formal and informal languages. According to Harry Potter, we can notice both formal and informal languages. The way Albus Dumbledore has a conversation with his students is both formal and warm. On the other hand, the way Harry talks to Ron and Hermione is different from when he talks to Dumbledore.

We can gain knowledge by reading novels, for example, society, history, tradition and life. Everything we read will fill our head. The author will reveal social systems, history and traditions at that time through the character’s behavior. We can get that information by careful noticing. Moreover, we can get a lot of information about life. In different stories, there are so many different viewpoints that the authors use to narrate their stories. We can learn how the authors feel, how the authors think and what the cause of that feeling and thought is. Many different viewpoints can help us to broaden our attitude toward every situation happening in our life. The way we try to understand the au…

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