The Impact of the Neolithic Revolution

The following example essay on “The Impact of the Neolithic Revolution” is an exploration of the Egyptian civilization, this civilization has two regions , the upper and lower region.

The civilization I have chosen is the Egyptian civilization. Egypt rose along the banks of the Nile. This river that flows starts in the heart of Africa ,visually I can tell it’s located south of the equator , and moves north through Africa and finally expelling its water into The mediterranean sea .This regionis part of the Sahara Desert at the top of Africa.

Egypt , In general, was believed to begin in 3000 BC when the lower Nile started to be ruled by one leader and this region became unified because of this one ruler. (Feder, K. L. 2013)

Even though they live in the desert, It, in fact, wasn’t dry because of the Nile river being so close by would overflow every spring by spilling onto the soiland flooding many parts,making the land moist and hydrated to farm year round.

( s, J. 2007,pg1).The Nile basically saved the Egyptians by being able to supply them water to drink and giving fertile soil year round for harvesting crops. The contribution of the Nile was the reason this civilization thrived more than any civilization at this time because no matter if rain came or not. The rivers consistent flooding put back nutrients into the soil every year creating fertile ground for replanting continually with less manpower.( s, J. 2007).

Herodotus historianvisited this country in fifth century BC , He was quoted “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”,(Brier, B.

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, and Hobbs, H. 1999), when he asked a priest what makes Egypt so great and the key to it. Egypt was far from being a hot desolate desert, but one that flourishes withendless crops, plenty of water, and a scorching sun for such great harvest.

The history of this place is that of mystery and of astonishing discoveries like the Great Giza pyramid . (Which is one of the 7 great wonders of the world) . Still by 3000 BC ,While this socially advanced civilization had grown and had every characteristic.

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The Impact of the Neolithic Revolution
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