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The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury Paper

The Illustrated Man is a book by Ray Bradbury, and it has quite a few themes to the book. As some of the book features dark stories, some of the themes may be dark as well. This allowed the author to write what he wanted with the book, making it better than it would have been. The book is a series of short stories, appearing to be in a random order, although most have some correlation, through some sort of Sci-Fi theme. The three themes of The Illustrated Man are being left behind, loss of yourself, and imagination. The first theme of the book is the sense of always being behind or being late. This is because a feature of most of the stories in the beginning is two time travelers, going to the past. One of the travelers is always ahead, but the second one is getting closer. He is always half as much time behind the first as the previous time. The point is, he will never reach him, as half of one second is just 0.5 seconds. It will keep splitting in half, till he catches a glimpse of the first traveler every time, but can never catch him. This shows that he will always be behind him, or late to catching him.

The second theme is the sense of loss of yourself, or believing that nothing exists when you can’t tell it’s there. Throughout the middle of the book, there is a lot of space themed stories, whether it is getting addicted to space, and never wanting to land home again or seeing the emptiness of space, and losing your belief in the world. One of the characters keeps asking how he knows something exists if he has no physical proof of the existence of it in that moment. He eventually puts himself in a space suit, and disconnects himself from the ship. The story ends with him floating away, lost in the darkness of space. The third theme is imagination. Throughout the stories, there is always one character who is dreaming about something. In the very last story, the man buys a rusting aluminum shell of a rocket ship. He shows his wif…

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