I chose to write an article called “iCult” imitating the news magazine: Time, in light of the launch of Apples new iPhone. This written task ties in with the bandwagon effect we learned in part two of the course, “Language and Mass Communication” where we covered“Pop Culture.” The purpose of this article is to explore the massive cult-like characteristic of Apple. The article talks about how the bandwagon effect is the key reason behind the domination of Apple over its adversaries.

Because of the influence of pop culture, the consumers do not care about the pros and cons of the product itself, but just want to get on the bandwagon.

I started off my article by titling it “iCult”. With the use of an “i” in front of words like “iCult”, “iSheep”, and “iProducts”, I tried to mimic the iconic style of Apple products’ names like the iPad and iPhone.This word play attracts the readers’ attention and helps to convey the concept.

I have also included a subtitle in the beginning as all Time articles include one that acts as a thesis for the rest of the content. As I was writing for such a high-level and well prestige publication, I used complex sentences and formal choice of words like“adversaries”. This was applied to appeal to the Time magazines target audience, which mainly consist of the well-educated aristocrats. I also used questions and quotes like Time does to highlight the public’s opinion. My article is divided into short paragraphs to replicate the structure of magazines, unlike newspaper articles.

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The purpose of this is to keep the audience interested as the author covers an array of different subtopics. Time magazine’s articles are known to be objective, presenting the readers with an insight into both ends of the spectrums.


As the obsession and hype over Apple products continue to rise, the company is transforming into more and more of a cult-like religion. With the unveiling of the…

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