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The Ibis Hotel Introduction Tourism Essay Paper

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Ibis is Europes taking budget hotel with more than 950 hotels in 55 states ; ibis offers its clients the highest degree of service and ultimate comfort in its class at the best market monetary values. The ibis criterion guarantees its clients around the universe offer homogenous: a modern room, connected and soundproofed bedding to innovative comfort, breakfast from 4am to midday and a varied culinary art.

In this ultimate comfort the ibis room: became modern, comfy and to the full equipped, all hotels in the web, the ibis room is designed to offer its clients a happy slumber and the ability to work calmly: soundproof, connected to the Wi-Fi hotel, with a flat-screen LCD Television, a broad bathroom and a work desk.

New bedding to soothe Ibis, happy sleep specializer, has developed a construct of advanced and radical bedclothes. The pillows are generous, welcoming eiderdown and mattress adapts absolutely to your organic structure for a deep, reposeful slumber. And the secret arm of ibis a mattress 7 centimeter more comfort for soft esthesiss. Unprecedented in the economic system section, the new ibis will alter your bed darks.

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The highest degree of service in its category degree Celsius is enjoy your stay unclouded twenty-four hours and dark, our squads are at your disposal Our squads live to the beat of your demands and your desires: Front 24h/24, little kitchen ibis at all times and a saloon service unfastened continuously.

Table of Contents

A committedness to quality service

Ibis is the first hotel trade name to have economic since 1997, the ISO 9001 quality enfranchisement. This International Standard trades with the quality service twenty-four hours and dark response, adjustment, little kitchen ibis, and breakfast from 4am to midday and saloon service. Today, 758 ibis hotels in 21 states are certified ISO 9001 or 84 % of the web.

The contract Satisfaction 15 proceedingss

“ Contract Satisfaction 15 proceedingss ” is a alone illustration of this demanding procedure. If a cloud disturbs the abode of a client, ibis squads give 15 proceedingss level for a solution, twenty-four hours and dark, and if they can non run that small cloud in the allotted clip, the client is invited by the hotel.

Ibis open uping environmental committedness

Ibis registered its committedness under PLANET 21, the plan of Accor ‘s sustainable development. Ibis is the first planetary concatenation engaged in the environmental enfranchisement ISO 14001 which installs a uninterrupted advancement via: a recent ongoing conformity ordinances uninterrupted betterment: hotels certified are on a regular basis audited to put new ends. Already 420 hotels in 18 states have achieved ISO 14001 environmental enfranchisement.


PRODUIT: The ibis criterion guarantees its clients around the universe offer homogenous: a modern room connected and soundproofed bedding to innovative comfort, breakfast from 4am to midday and a varied culinary art, Attentive and efficient.

Monetary value: Harmonizing the monetary value of ibis is one of the major determiners of the profitableness of the hotel, and the monetary value besides depends on which metropolis the hotel is situated, so Ibis Greenwich is small be expensive because of the activity and the advantage that the around him.

Topographic point: Ibis Greenwich is located in a really charming and cunning town, and is located in the bosom of Greenwich, near the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, and Royal Observatory and the train station

Promotion: sing the publicity hotel ibis make a new construct where you reserve 2 darks with Ibis manners every Tuesday and you pay for merely 1 dark, you can book to in last minute.com you will hold possibility to acquire 50 % every hebdomad terminal Friday and Saturday.

Peoples: The Ibis Greenwich has a really friendly receptionist staff and really rough response of this profession the making requires is GCSE or LEVEL and is depend for which trade name or star are you working if you do n’t hold any making but you have a motive for the trade of the Ibis hotel industry hotel will suggest you rating of preparation to germinate a squad leader to director.

Procedure: all Ibis client usage cyberspace to book or do they are suites reserve or, send of Email or naming the line reserve for and all our reserve agent will answer to the client by electronic mail, facsimile, or station.

Physical Evidence: the hotel is clean, the suites are clean, quiet, good het hotel, the staff are presentable and pleasant

hypertext transfer protocol: //books.google.co.uk/books? id=zFfo2MGH90gC & A ; pg=PA41 & A ; source=gbs_toc_r & A ; cad=4 # v=onepage & A ; q & A ; f=false

analysis of the Micro and Macro Environment of cordial reception selling


Economy: Consumers passing on cordial reception services are discretional disbursement. The portion of family budgets spent on nutrient off from place declined somewhat during the recession of the early 1990s ( Putnam and Allshouse 1999 ) .

Society and civilization: As societal and civilization values, beliefs, and sentiments change, chances are created for new merchandises, services, and constructs. As people become more concerned about second-hand fume, more eating houses, even in provinces where a complete smoke prohibition is non required, have become wholly smoke free, Hotel besides provide non-smoking suites or floors in response to the modern-day clime of the societal environment.

Political: the eating houses restaurant industry continues to see force per unit area from the authorities, to better nutritionary labelling or menus.at the province and local degrees, finish selling bureaus, such as province touristry offices and convention and visitants, play an of import function in constructing gross revenues for the cordial reception industry.

Technology: the greatest impacts of engineering on cordial reception operations are in the country of communications and the sum and quality of information available for illustration computing machines are used to maintain path of a invitee ‘s history on disbursement, Hotel offer automatic cheque in and look into out etcaˆ¦

Environment: Many cordial reception administrations have implemented environment friendly plans like many restaurant serve H2O merely on petition, and hotels ask invitees to maintain towels on the rack if they will be used once more so that they will non be washed unnecessarily.

The micro environment

Rivals the market topographic point for independent operations is much more competitory than it was merely a few old ages ago. The high grade of competition in both the hotel and the eating house sections affects pricing schemes and all other elements of the selling mix. And the comparatively disconnected nature of the industry means that the environment will stay extremely competitory and unpredictable.

Customers: households are of import to cordial reception sellers for two grounds


Political The political scene has an tremendous influence on the ordinance of concerns, the buying power of purchasers, every bit good as related companies for this ground, we had to take a expression at many standards policy so that companies can turn and perspective is instead a healthy ambiance.

Economic Sellers need to see the province of a trading economic system in the short and long footings. This is particularly true when planning for international selling.

Social and cultural the societal and cultural influences on concerns vary from one state to another. It is really of import that such factors be considered. What is the dominant faith, what are the topographic point of work forces and adult females within the society, what are the reactions when coming to foreign merchandises and services? In the hotel industry the sociological facets of UK have non truly affected the concern ; UK is a instead unfastened minded state and therefore is easy traveling for the hotel concern.

Technological Technology is critical for our competitory advantage, and is a major driver of globalisation engineering offers companies a new manner to pass on with their consumers. With development of cyberspace, most of the engagements are made via cyberspace. Finally engineering allows for merchandises and services to be made more cheaply and to a better criterion of quality.

Environment: PLANET 21 is our 21 committednesss to sustainable development. Health, nature, C, invention, local development, employment and duologue: 21 committednesss to assist the universe run a little more swimmingly.

Legal: these are related to the legal environment in which houses operate. In recent old ages in the UK there have been many significantA legal alterations that have affected houses ‘ behavior.


Development of accomplishments, calling chance Evolution of poste to another like ( the director at response ) , possibility to go around the universe



Located in the bosom of Greenwich

Near the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark,

And Royal Observatory

And train station.

The suites offer satellite Television and internet entree.

Relax at the saloon with a java or a glass of vino

Let your ego be tempted by the bites and light repasts that are offered.

Increase the twin suites


There is strong competition in the market, opening of smaller hotel, and client petitions a really high making


The hotel charged me for twice for the same room on the same dark, claiming I did non demo up for the second of the…

A I could non park at the hotel, the two highly suffering receptionists offered me the ?10 parking license which would enable me to park…

Tiny suites uncomfortable beds

Porters FIVE Forces

Harmonizing to Porter ( 2001 ) the cyberspace is an enabling engineering that can be used within the context of a good concern scheme in any industry. The five forces that impact fight which are outlined in Porter ‘s 1980 work are: barriers to entry, menace of replacements, dickering power of purchasers and Sellerss, and the competition among bing rivals. The most of import determiner of a market place ‘s net income potency is the intrinsic power of purchasers and Sellerss.

Menace of Substitute Goods

In the hotel industry there is normally another hotel merely around the corner. They appear in all monetary value scopes, with changing degrees of service and comfortss.

The changeless challenge will ever be to acquire the invitee to take your hotel over the rival. The cyberspace makes the overall market more efficient while spread outing the size of the possible market and making new permutation menaces. Given the authority of this menace a brilliant cyberspace presence is critical.

“ Dickering Power of Buyers Business individuals taking a hotel for concern travel are savvy consumers and they are comfy with computing machine engineering, It has become really simple for them to travel on-line and book a hotel. They no longer need travel agents, corporate travel advisers or in-between work forces of any sort to find where they will remain. Porter ‘s theoretical account predicts this riddance of mediators.

Rivalry among bing rivals

The competition among rivals in the hotel industry is ferocious. When possible clients can larn about a hotel on line, the cyberspace reduces the differences among rivals. Peoples tend to seek the best monetary value for the best experience and the inclination is to cut down monetary value to be competitory. The cyberspace covers broad geographical countries so the market is widened increasing the figure of rivals.

Barriers to Entry

The initial investing in the hotel industry creates rather a barrier to entry but certain barriers to come ining the hotel market are reduced by the cyberspace. A presence on the cyberspace reduces nouveau-riche selling costs slightly, and gives the new rival entree to possible providers and resources..

Dickering power of providers

While this is non a significant menace in the hotel industry it can hold impact particularly in the country of labor. With an aging population, there are fewer people to make full service industry occupations and hotels which can pull first-class staff have a greater opportunity of supplying first-class and exceeding experiences to their patronage. As portion of their cyberspace scheme all hotel ironss should hold a subdivision on enlisting for employment.A

hypertext transfer protocol: //themarketplaceoflife.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/porters-five-factor-model-and-hotel.html

Cleavage and placement

Harmonizing to the Ibis website the SEGMENT AND DESIGN is International standardised trade name. ROOM SIZE 16/17sqm – Can be customized harmonizing to market demands. BEDDING the bed comfort is one of our extreme precedences. We will be establishing a new ‘Ultimate Comfort Bed ‘ . QUALITY Most of the hotels have been ISO 9001 certii¬?ed.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY Over 400 hotels in 17 states have obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Certii¬?cation. Since its creative activity in 1974, ibis has expanded continuously and has a web of 957 hotels, 117,171 suites in 55 countries*** . This strong planetary placement is the consequence of an ambitious enlargement program launched in 2007.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.accor.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Contenus_Accor/Franchise_Management/Documents_utiles/Developpement/ibis_megabrand_developpement_brochure_022012.pdf

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.accor.com/en/brands/brand-portfolio/ibis.html


An ultimate comfort offer the ibis room: modern, comfy and well-equipped in every hotel of the web, the ibis room is designed to offer to its invitees a happy slumber and the possibility to work calmly: soundproof, connected to the hotel Wi-Fi, with a level screen LCD Television, a broad bathroom and a desk.

Brand new bed, trade name new comfort Ibis, the good-night’s-sleep specializer, has developed an advanced and radical bedclothes construct. Pillows are downy, the eiderdown is super-soft and the hi-tech mattress aligns with the denseness points which provide your organic structure, so your slumber will be deep and bracing. And the ibis secret arm is a 7cm topper of excess comfort for a soft and welcoming feel. Unique in the economic system hotel section, the new ibis bed will transform your darks.

Recommendation Ibis hotel must concentrate more on concern section and single travelled, must alter they are design room, besides enlarge the anteroom infinite.

Decision The success in the touristry sector is non within the range of everyone, the trade of the hotel industry and providing require certain qualities really Particular. First of all, and contrary to what we tend to believe that bearers are non easy, they are surely travel, leisure, pleasance, but the bulk of occupations are sedentary serious or nerve-racking.

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