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The Hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials Essay

The mysterious and wild trials against the Puritans during the Spring of 1692

When a group of young girls claimed to be possessed by the devil, several women and men were accused of witchcraft under those accusations. The pointing of fingers flooded the town, many under false or extreme pretenses. The trials resulted in the Salem Witch Trials.

The details that fuel that fascination are the mysterious and outrageous thigs that went on during those trials. For the Puritans, the early Americans, witchcraft was a crime of the highest order, above murder and rape. In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, nineteen men and women were hung and one man was pressed to death with stones. The Witches a book by Stacy Shift follows upon the buildup of events and the parts that fear had in the molding of these trials. The thought of why the Salem witch trials are so famous now is because, the power of fear, paranoia, ignorance and hysteria could have on a whole village and the village turn against each other. Their strict interpretation of the Bible had them believed that the devil was trying to take over their community. The Puritans didn’t play with witch talk or evil spirt talk. They made it their duty as true believer to exterminate all witchcraft, even if it meant going against public morals. One would say the most commemorative and bold fact of the Salem witch Trials was that even with all the damaging effects going on, the people of Salem felt their engagements were justified and that God was pleased with their current activities of killing so many men and women.

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The Puritans lived in Salem during the time of the Witch Hunt. They had come from England. They chose to come live in America and to choose their own way of living. They were very strict people, who did not like to act different from the norms of their firm community living. They were also very simple people who devoted their lives to God. The men hunted for food and were minsters. Women work…

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