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“The husband, wife, lover ‘ Review Paper

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Essay on “The husband, wife, lover ‘

Husband, wife, lover … no, it is not instructed a psychologist, as you might think. This is – a small review of the

I can not say the same book by Oleg Roy, of course, that it is the newest, but the last of the read.. So, about his impressions.

The plot? It would seem very ordinary. Nouveau riche faithful wife, immediately after the student’s bench jump out to marry, totally dedicated to children, a home and his favorite single. Well, the ideal family, we can only envy. Then one day, or rather the Millennium, the family decides to celebrate the New Year in an ancient castle in France. And then the main character learns that her beloved husband was cheating on her for a long time.

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The woman insulted to the depths. Still, she had for many years kept its Pluto hubby loyalty and even did not think about the change. But! What only incapable of offended woman! As soon learned about her husband’s infidelity woman wants revenge and starts an affair with a guide on the island. This is where it gets interesting …

The book is written in an easy, accessible language. Easy to read and helps to distract from daily problems. Perhaps Oleg Roy in this case the master. I do not know how much of this literature is useful from your point of view, but it seems to me that it is also necessary. And, who knows, maybe a few hundred or tens of years, some modern writers have become classics, such as Dostoevsky and Nabokov. They will be studied in schools and universities, to quote. I’m not talking specifically about Oleg Roy. Just sharing suddenly had come in the course of writing his thoughts reviews.

But, back to the book. What else do I like? I think the author of the works “The husband, wife, lover,” raised a very important topic to society, or at least tried to do so. We are talking about the attitude of society towards people with HIV. Do they have a right to happiness mi fulfilling life or their destiny to be a rogue, which turn away from even the closest friends and relatives? And, perhaps, it all depends on the specific situation? I do not know. Just book at some time forced to ponder. As much as it may sound scary, but that no one is immune. Especially in a situation in which turned out to be the main character of the book. The book rises and is described in some detail the problem of AIDS, terrorism.

Despite all of the above book is a little banal. Final for me was in many respects quite expected. However, the book makes you think a lot. How fragile it may be a family, even with 20 years of experience and they can suddenly change your life people, it would seem, quite accidentally and briefly appeared in it …

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