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“The husband, wife, lover ‘ Review Paper

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Essay on “The husband, wife, lover ‘

Most recently, the site swept a wave of laudatory reviews in the works of Oleg Roy. Before that, I confess, I, having bought on advertising, noisy feedback and on the covers of such names as Evgeni Plushenko and Alexander Marinin, enthusiastically praising the author and his work, and the acquired itself a few books. The first read was “The World on the abyss.” Good story. But then it seemed to me that he too vaguely promoted. The pleasure of reading I have not received, put the book cautiously 7 out of 10 and calmed down. And now a new wave. I thought maybe something I did not notice? And then I decided to read another book. “Husband, wife, mistress.” What to say about the story? Happy family Moscow oligarchs. Cruises, New Year’s Eve in a castle in France, balls, life – key. Faithful wife of 38 years to learn that men can even change for the sake of prestige. Trying to avenge her husband, an HIV-terrorist. Friends – reptiles. But in the end – all punished. Children … Children weird. However, like everything in this novel. The feeling that the author is completely indifferent to his characters. And so they left him some plasticine. Without feelings, emotions. Without fire. Everything revolves around money, and all of the same prestige. Even between mother and children have no relationship. Amazed that dress for carnival author described the long, careful and thoughtful than the rest of the characters together. In short, I did not like the book. That style. Featureless monotonous narration, as if you chew “Orbit” has long lost its taste. The read option when you can safely skip several pages without compromising the essence of the novel.

In addition, information about the author personally, I am concerned. No, not his merits and regalia in the form of prestigious awards and membership in the Writers’ Union. Oleg Roy wrote a book under his real name – Oleg Rezepkin. Then he changed his name. And just changed the name of his books, releasing all the same novels under a different cover and a new name. What is it? A second attempt to become famous?

However, this is only a personal reflection. And a personal opinion of one taken the reader. Surely there are people who genuinely like the author’s creativity. But I quite honestly not one of them …

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