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The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and the Lack of U.S. Intervention Essay

The era of the 1950's presented a wave of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.Yet, the 1956 revolution of Hungary is relatively unknown to the pages of modern history.Unlike the better known nations which fought against their Soviet-friendly governments, Hungary was left to push out their tyrannical regime without global intervention from the United States.Yet, how could the United States let the Hungarians fail in their revolution when they had helped other nations like South Korea from the grip of Communism?The United States should have intervened in the Hungarian uprising, the very fact that they did not is a testament to the concept that the government has never fully executed what it preaches.
The Hungarian uprising of 1956 rose very little international uprising considering the deep rooted Soviet-American ties. Yet, other revolutions and causes of tension have brought, such as that seen in South Korea, has brought American assistance without a blink of an eye.Yet, despite UN Commissions asking the Soviets to stay out of the nation, very little was done by the United States to help the Hungarians in their fight against the Soviet Union and its influence.
Therefore, the United States failed to uphold its promise to help fight Communism wherever the fight ensued.Despite the bravado which the U.S. Government plastered across media networks all across the globe, the failed to uphold their promise.The students who started the revolution in Hungary had Western inspired ideas of democracy, yet the Western structure of democracy failed them. Instead, the United States failed to help countries which were not economically beneficial to the U.S.

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