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The House on Mango Street Paper

In the novel, House on Mango Street, most of the characters in the book are women, who were abused by men in different ways. With very little men in the story, they played a big role in women’s lives. Men and boys were portrayed as controlling, abusive, and oppressive. Being a woman in that community has impacted Esperanza. It has made her seen and hear many things about how badly woman are treated by men. As she said in the book, “boys and girls live in separate worlds” (Cisneros 8). The men on Mango Street reacted by controlling their wives, as they took away their privileges and hid them away for the world. The men acted insecure and selfish, they felt the need to keep their wives to themselves because men think they superior to woman and believed they knew what was right for them. Their role to protect woman was the opposite to what it really meant. Woman suffered most with the men on Mango Street, they struggled to find themselves and be who they were meant to be. For example, Minerva struggle to pursue her poetry because of her husband, “Then he is sorry and she opens the door again. Next week she comes over black and blue and asks what she can do.” (Cisneros 85), he has held her back by coming back into her life, pleading to take him back, abused her, and leaves again, the same story every time.

Life on Mango Street, where men don’t have weaknesses but only strengths. Not the good kind and protecting strength, but the manipulative and abusive kind. They used these qualities to get what they wanted because they believed woman are weak and helpless. Sally was an example for these qualities, “He never hits me hard. That’s where all the blue places come fromThat’s why her skin is always scarred”, (Cisneros 92). Men believed that the woman in their lives are their property or possession. Her father has treated her like an animal because he had felt dominant over her, “…he hit her with his hands just like a dog, she said, like i…

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