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The Holocaust and Persecution of the Jews Essay

The Holocaust was a carefully planned process, starting in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power of Germany. The systematic process involved propaganda and laws & restrictions brought in, targeting the Jews of Europe. The purpose was the develop hatred towards them by identifying them as not only different but sub-human, this developed into discrimination and persecution. From that stage, it was then possible to separate the Jews, by creating ghettos, that the Nazi’s would force them into. After this separation, it was not difficult for them to remove the Jews by deporting them to Labour camps. A number of these then became death camps, where by the end of World War II in 1945, over 6 million Jews were extermination in the Holocaust.

Discrimination and persecution began the process of the Holocaust as law and restrictions were made and propaganda was used to single out the Jews from German society. Propaganda was mainly used to show the German population, especially children, how to identify a Jew and how to distinguish them, from everyone else. The Poisonous Mushroom was a famous poster, used a propaganda, which was easily recognized by German children. The mushroom has a large nose, heavy eyelids and a beard, all of which are distinct features of a Jew. The mushroom also had the Star of David, the symbol of the Jews. This particular propaganda poster was named with its literal meaning. The Jews were seen as poisonous and needed weeding out. Just like a poisonous mushroom. The earliest laws and restrictions were introduced in March 1933. When Jewish lawyers and judges were forbidden from working. The German’s believed that the Jews were a threat, taking all of the high qualification and well-paying jobs, and was one of the reasons the German’s had for embarking a campaign of destruction against them. In April 1933, school laws were brought in. Teachers were banned from teaching in state school and Aryan and Non-Aryan children we…

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