History Of Digital Photography

Digital photography has been around for a few years now, but only recently have prices dropped low enough to make digital cameras a reality for the middle class America.The process originated within the Defense Department during the Cold War, and has improved immensely sense then.Digital photography is a method of taking pictures without the hassle or cost of film and developing time.It has also made taking pictures so much easier, not only for consumers but for businesses as well.

The invention of the computer has brought the world of technology so far ahead, that most people cant even keep up.The recent invention of the digital camera, has made it possible for an overseas company to show its local branches its daily progress, or for grandparents around the world to watch there grandchildren to grow up.Digital photography has been widely used in advertising and graphic design sense the late 1990s, and has quickly replaced traditional photography in many areas inclu! By pushing the shutter button on a digital camera you instruct a machine called a scanner to record a visual image, which it then converts it into a code of ones and zeroes that a computer can read.

After being converted it is then saved on a computer chip where it is stored until it is downloaded or erased.After you have taken your pictures you then attach the camera or the card, depending on the type of setup you have, to the computer to download the image.

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There are many programs on the market today, which aid in the transferring process.Once you have downloaded the image to your computer there are many possibilities for it.It can then be printed, used in a WebPage, or manipulated by means of various computer programs, such as Adobe PhotoShop, for advertising and promotional purposes. Digital cameras are now available for both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts.

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