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The History of American Football Essay

The first ever American football game was played between Rutgers University and Princeton University in 1869. This game was played using modified London Football Association rules and regulations. Over the next seven years rugby became popular in distinguished Eastern schools, then soccer and modern football emerged from the former. “It was not until 1920 that the American Professional Football Association was founded and later named the National Football League”(Danzig). Though professional football leagues were in coalition since 1902, they were not statewide. “By that year Ohio had, at least, seven professional teams while Philadelphia had several. The Oakland Athletics and the Philadelphia Phillies competed in the first World Series professional football game at the Madison Square Garden” (danzig). Attempts were made to establish uniformity to prevent erroneous salaries and to develop universally accepted rules.

The National Football League struggled with finances in its early years. “The representatives ofthe four Ohio football leagues had agreed to form a single league and defined a common set of rules. Under the American Professional Football Association, that was later renamed National Football League, the Ohio teams reached out to other professional teams in the Great Lakes region ofNorthern America. The inaugural franchises in the National Football League included the Racine Cardinals, the Chicago Tigers, the Columbus Panhandles, the Canton Bulldogs, the Cleveland Indians, the Akron Pros, the Detroit Heralds, and the Muncie Flyers among many others” (Economy in NFL). All these were small town teams and often played one another before only a couple hundred spectators. Most of the team’s organization was pathetic and funding was insignificant. Only four of the original fourteen teams lasted to the end of the first season. Teams joined and left the National Football League exasperatingly quickly and it was not …

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