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The High School Football Subculture Essay

Essay Topic:

American football has grown into one of the most popular sports in the United States, all levels of the sport are loved by the American people. Every weekend family, friends, and fans gather around the football field to cheer on the team of their choice, and take part in one of Americas favorite past times. But high school football is in a league of its own, the players are more than a subculture, almost a family. To play a sport as intense as football the players must carry a specific set of traits the players must be, mentally tough, teammates, and most importantly be a good leader.

High school football varies so much from the other age groups that play the game because, before that age most players are still too young to understand the game fully or the team that has the biggest players wins. After high school the best players are plucked up and sent to play at universities and professionally and are surrounded by athletes that were handpicked to be on that team. In high school, the players are usually fully developed physically and mentally have the capacity to understand the game at a fundamental level. This allows for the game to become completive, based on which team works harder and is better prepared, not which team has the biggest players or which team had the best recruitment.

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The sport itself helps break down barriers between students, without football most of the players wouldn’t know one another, some players would probably despise each other, yet their love of football brings them all together. The author Chris Green once wrote, “Young people were breaking down social barriers”, because of the students love for football players from all races, classes, and demographics are brought together[CITATION Chr p 67 l 1033 ]. Each player is stripped of their street clothes and given a uniform shared by the whole team, making it very obvious to themselves and the observers of the game that they are part of one cohesive u…

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