The Growth Of Food Tourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

The touristry industry is one that is quickly turning and invariably spread outing in the twenty-first century. There seems to be an addition in the sum of people going and researching all the admirations this universe has to offer. Harmonizing to an article published by the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) in September of last twelvemonth, the International Tourism per centum grew by about 5 per centum in the first 6 months of 2011 and this exceeded the 6.6 per centum growing difference in that of 2010.

The article goes on to state that this growing in touristry in such times demands to be examined and looked closely and they urge that states make touristry as a precedence in national degree policies. There are many footings to specifically specify touristry but in general and simple footings ; touristry is the activity of a individual going from one topographic point to another for non more than a twelvemonth. To add to this, touristry can be divided into many different subdivisions, for illustration, escapade touristry, athleticss touristry, medical touristry, leisure touristry and many more.

However, with this growing in touristry, there is a new facet of touristry that is easy doing its grade and it is known as Food Tourism. Food touristry simple means the act of people sing a peculiar topographic point for the intent of partaking in nutrient festivals, or seeking out of different nutrient and eating houses in that peculiar state ( Hall and Mitchell 2001 ) .This new facet of touristry was ne’er celebrated but with the assistance of new engineerings, addition in handiness and consciousness, nutrient touristry is easy but certainly lifting.

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In Malaysia, this facet of touristry is lifting with more and more tourist going to Malaysia for grounds other than leisure and this in return has reflected the local economic system of this state. Malaysia, being a state that is rich and diverse in its civilization and heritage, has become an ideal topographic point for tourer non merely to see the life style and civilization but to besides partake with the local life style and one illustration of making so is by sing the nutrient. There have been many efforts by the relevant industries in Malaysia to advance this growing of nutrient touristry to do it an ultimate finish for nutrient lovers around the universe. This paper will sketch an in-depth expression at the significance and definition of nutrient touristry, and how this facet of touristry is on the rise here in Malaysia and how this growing has effects on the touristry sector of this state.

1.1 Research Aims

The touristry sector is traveling into a new stage in present times. There are many new facets of touristry that is on the rise, viz. , heritage touristry, medical touristry, adventure touristry and now, nutrient touristry. Gastronomic Tourism ( as it is known scientifically ) or Food touristry is defined as the visit to a peculiar topographic point for the intent of nutrient festivals, or to seek out and experiment different types of nutrients and eating houses ( Hall, Sharples and Mitchell 2001 ) . In Malaysia, nutrient touristry is on the rise as there are more tourist visiting Malaysia for grounds other than leisure. This state has become a prima holiday finish among tourer everyplace with the blend of the three different races ( Malay, Chinese and Indian ) and the civilizations these three races offer. Not merely that, the location and clime of this state being warm and tropical twelvemonth unit of ammunition adds to the many grounds to see this state. With the blend of different civilizations and heritage, the birth of different nutrients sets Malaysia apart from any other state leting it to go a nutrient lover ‘s Eden. Harmonizing to an article by the News Straits Time paper in September 2010, it says that Malaysia has been ranked as the 9th most traveled tourer finish with around 23.65 million tourer and this research was done by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The article goes on to state that possible tourer sing Malaysia will pass around RM10.13 billion on nutrient and drink. The touristry ministry in Malaysia is working on doing nutrient as one of the chief picks for tourer to see Malaysia and there have been ongoing enterprises being done by the relevant parties to assist guarantee that this facet of touristry continues to turn and in clip is able to prolong its ain ego. The aims this research paper aims to accomplish are:

To sketch the growing of nutrient touristry in Malaya

As said earlier, Malaysia has managed to derive the upper manus in going one of the touristry finish musca volitanss. There are so many things that this state is able to offer and nutrient is one of them. However, this facet of nutrient touristry is non widely known yet in Malaysia as there have been more surveies and analysis carried out in other states ( Fox, 2007 ; Kivela and Crotts, 2006 ; Ryu and Jang, 2006 ) ; but the over the past old ages, the leaders and relevant parties have begun to recognize how Malaysia and its nutrient is able to act upon and has an impact on the touristry industry. Findingss from this research will demo how there has been a displacement in the growing of nutrient touristry in Malaysia and how this growing has impacted the local touristry industry.

How this growing has resulted in positive and negative impacts on the state

Growth in any signifier is good and healthy but with growing there comes positive and negative impacts and these impacts must be examined clearly to avoid any signifier of issue and to be after for future ends. This paper will sketch how the growing in nutrient touristry in Malaysia has resulted in a few positive and negative impacts and how these impacts can be interpreted to back up and guarantee this facet of touristry continues to turn.

How this growing has affected the touristry sector and the enterprises taken to guarantee uninterrupted growing in the hereafter

The touristry sector in Malaysia has been dining over the past few old ages and nutrient touristry is even more so turning. In the latter portion of the research, it will sketch how this nutrient touristry growing has had an impact on the touristry industry both positive and negative and how the authorities and the touristry sector have come up with ways and means to prolong this growing and guarantee uninterrupted growing in the hereafter.

1.2 Significance of the survey

The Kuala Lumpur touristry industry has seen a enormous growing over the past few old ages with the figure of international tourer reachings lifting up to 0.6 % in 2011 compared to the old old ages. One of the major motives for tourer to see Malaysia is because of the civilization and heritage that Malaysia possesses and this is expressed in our nutrient and local daintinesss. Peoples from other parts of the universe are eager to cognize, larn and understand how is it that people with different races are able to populate under one roof and let their civilizations to intermix together. When people visit Kuala Lumpur, they are instantly thrown into a cultural detonation and one of the ways they are able to see and larn about the different civilizations is thorough the tasting and partaking of the local nutrient.

The chief significance and importance in carry oning this research is that, there seems to be a lifting pandemic in the nutrient touristry sector. There has been a displacement in the factors that influence the chief ground tourer visit Kuala Lumpur, and nutrient happens to one of the ground. There have non been many past researches and literature argument about the growing of nutrient touristry in Kuala Lumpur as most of them are general and give and overview. This is why this research is of import because this paper is able to foreground the growing of nutrient touristry in Kuala Lumpur and how tourer have changed their motivational factors to see Malaysia.

1.3 Limitation of survey

The restriction of the survey is that, it is merely focussed and limited to nutrient and the function it plays in the tourer determination doing procedure. Other influences such as cultural, or heritage or personal grounds to visit are minor and they will non be focused much on. The other restriction to this survey is that, the questionnaires will be answered by tourer and non local people because this paper aims to analyze the tourer grounds to see Malaysia and does nutrient play a function in their determination. The job to that restriction is that the tourers are scattered all around the metropolis so to aim a big figure and obtain different feedback, will be a challenge.

The other restriction that will be faced is that this research is merely limited to the Kuala Lumpur milieus and the tourer that stay with this country. This is because most of the tourers that travel to Malaysia stay within the metropolis centre and most of the attractive forces and local nutrient can be found within the metropolis bounds. Besides that, by contracting it down to merely this country, there will be a better and clearer apprehension of the aim that is being achieved.

1.4 Research Questions

This paper aims to sketch the growing of the nutrient touristry industry in Malaysia and how will it impact the touristry sector of Malaysia. When covering with this subject, there are a few inquiries that will originate and it is through the consequences of the questionnaires and other literature findings that these inquiries will be answered.

The first inquiry that will originate while carry oning research on this subject is that, when and how did this growing in nutrient touristry come about in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? This paper will find how nutrient touristry came into the scene in Kuala Lumpur and how has it been since it started. The following inquiry that needs to be answered in this research paper is the impacts that these growings in nutrient touristry have on the touristry sector in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In any signifier of growing, there is bound to be certain impacts both positive and negative and this paper will take to sketch those impacts and how they affect the local touristry sector. The following inquiry that will originate while carry oning research on this paper is, will at that place be a hereafter for the nutrient touristry industry and if so, how will it be? This is where the inquiry of sustainability will originate whereby, even though there is a growing in the nutrient touristry industry now, will it still be the same in the hereafter? All these inquiries will be answered in the latter portion of the research paper.

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal

Malaysia is easy lifting to go one of the cardinal finish musca volitanss among tourist worldwide. This is mostly due to the fact that Malaysia is a state that is developed, diverse, tropical and rich in its civilization and heritage and this can be found in the traditional dances, beliefs, nutrient, patterns and many more. In add-on, nutrient touristry is easy but certainly on the rise here in this state. With the blend of the assorted civilizations and beliefs, nutrient seems to be the best look. When debating approximately nutrient touristry and its growing here in Malaysia, there has to be a separation in order to derive a better apprehension. There has to be a clear definition of nutrient, touristry, nutrient and touristry in Malaysia and how it has an impact on the local touristry sector.

2.1 What is Food?

What is nutrient? This may be a simple inquiry yet, it plays a big importance in our day-to-day life. Food is merely defined as a alimentary substance that people eat or drink in order to keep a healthy life and growing. Food is an indispensable point in order to go on with life. The first and chief importance of nutrient in our mundane life is to supply our organic structure with the necessary energy in order for us to transport out our day-to-day modus operandis such as working, walking, external respiration, digesting and so on. Besides that, nutrient aids to modulate the organic structure ‘s procedures and besides to assist contend against infections and diseases. In basic apprehension, nutrient is merely needed in order to populate and transport on with life ; nevertheless, there has been a great trade of alteration in the development of nutrient.

2.2 What is touristry?

Tourism is an industry that is quickly turning in the twenty-first century. More and more people are developing an involvement in going and researching all that the universe has to offer. However, many fail to truly understand the true significance of touristry and what it truly comprises of. Tourism is said to be the act of people or a group of people that lead them from one topographic point to another, from one state to a different state, to execute something specific or to see a topographic point for the point of leisure, amusement, concern and so on. The World Tourism Organization defines touristry as the activities undertaken by and single or a group of persons that travel and travel off from their usual topographic point of comfort and environment and this has to be more than a period of 24 hours or more. The grounds behind their travel can be because of leisure, amusement, concern and other activities that are different from their day-to-day modus operandis. Tourism on the other manus can besides include the relevant concerns or industries that are involved in supplying services, activities, and installations to the tourer that travel to their state

Tourism in any state is of import and important. For states like Egypt, America, Australia, Italy, Malaysia, India and China, a big part of their net incomes and income depend on the touristry industry. Tourism is of import because, it stimulates economic growing for a state. When people travel to a peculiar topographic point, they are bound to pass big amounts of money on the flight, housing, domestic travel and nutrient in the peculiar state they are in. When you spend money in a state, it in return helps the economic growing for that state because the money spent at that place goes to assist out and to cover the cost of development and in the sustaining of the state and its people. The 2nd importance of touristry to a state is that it helps to advance development within that state. Countries around the universe invariably strive to develop and be in the forepart lines in footings of development. Tourism is an industry that acts as a motivational factor for development to happen. When there is a demand and a rise in the sum of tourer that travel to a state, the demand for new and modern installations and activities will lift and this is where the state is able to garner its resources and develop the state so that it is able to provide to this turning demand. For illustration, Bangkok, Thailand has seen a major encouragement in its international tourer reaching and the touristry industry has seen this phenomenon and there has been an addition in the sum of lodging installations to assist provide to this demand. They have built new hotels and guesthouse that are modern, clean and low-cost for the turning tourer market. The following importance of touristry to a state is that in footings of sociocultural, it helps to make new occupation chances and calling chances for the locals of that state. When there is any signifier of development in the state, there is bound to be new installations and activities to assist cater to the demand that is turning and when there are new installations and developments taking topographic point, the demand for adult male power and occupation chances will originate and this is where the state is able to utilize the citizens of the state to assist guarantee that these developments in the touristry installations and activities are sustained for old ages to come.

2.2.1 Tourism and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The touristry industry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is quickly turning in these present times. The touristry industry has registered 11.63 million tourer reachings in the first half of the twelvemonth 2012 which is a 2.4 % addition compared to the same period in 2011. This growing in touristry in Kuala Lumpur is mostly due to the fact that, Malaysia is located in such an ideal location whereby the conditions and clime of the state is tropical the whole twelvemonth around with minimum rain which makes it easy to acquire around and research the metropolis. Besides that, Malaysia in itself is a state that is diverse and rich in its civilization and heritage and this is expressed in our day-to-day modus operandis, local attractive forces, nutrient and beliefs and this gives us a upper manus because no other state in the universe can tout and state that they have 3 different races ( Malays, Chinese and Indians ) populating under one roof and to add, we are all able to acquire along. This is something that foreign tourer find astonishing and they are intrigued by and that is why they want to see Kuala Lumpur.

2.3 What is Food touristry all about?

There are many subdivisions to the touristry industry and nutrient touristry is another facet of touristry that is on the rise. Many people may reason and debate that nutrient and touristry have no relationship to each other what so of all time but in world, nutrient and touristry coexist and assist each other because portion of touristry is mostly related to nutrient and frailty versa. One may look at nutrient as a minor function played in the field of touristry but in world, nutrient is critical to guarantee the full circle of a traveler ‘s experience. Hall and Sharples ( 2003 ) say that nutrient is an built-in portion of the experience and how it contributed in a large sense to a individual ‘s holiday. They go on to state that earlier, nutrient was non taken into consideration as something that is of import but of late it has been widely debated approximately. The book says that nutrient Acts of the Apostless as an look of individuality and civilization which is in world true. When going to another state, one is motivated to plunge themselves in the local civilization of that topographic point and later this involves nutrient. For illustration, it would be pathetic if one travels to India and experiences the assorted civilizations without savoring their local nutrient. As mentioned, savoring and plunging in the local daintinesss will assist give a better understanding about the state and its civilization. Over the old ages, the acknowledgment of nutrient touristry has increased and it is seen as a valuable plus the touristry sector has to offer. Even if there are some barriers because of some tourer that are non attracted by the local nutrient, it still represents a critical and competitory advantage for some finishs ( Cohen and Avieli, 2004 ) .

2.3.1 Tourism Motivation: Is nutrient one of it?

In basic traveling, there has to be slightly of a motivational factor that causes people to go to that peculiar topographic point. In her book, Tourism Development ( A K Bhatia 1985 ) , she broke down the basic motivational factors for going into four different facets:

Physical Motivators – This is related to the physical facet of the finish, the activities offered and others.

Cultural Motivators – Persons in this class are motivated by the beliefs and cultural heritage ( the art, music and dance ) that peculiar finish offers.

Interpersonal Motivators – This motive is to see household members, relations, or to run into new people.

Status Motivators – This is derived from the demand to carry through certain activities to hike self -esteem or for personal development.

These nevertheless are the basic incentives for going but these incentives change when speaking about going for nutrient based intents. Traveling for nutrient based intents can be linked to the cultural incentives ( as seen above ) or it can be classified as separate facet all on its ain. The incentive for nutrient touristry can be linked to Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs ( Maslow 1943 ) . In this hierarchy, there are 5 different degrees of demands that are to be accomplished and they are physiological, safety, love, and esteem. For case, if a individual is missing love or nutrient or safety, they would likely hanker for nutrient the most because in world, nutrient is needed to last and the other needs come over clip. But the existent inquiry that is to be asked here is that, is nutrient the chief motive for 1s determination in going? Are they going to carry through their demands and desires? Or are they going to plunge themselves in different civilizations? Or even are they adventure searchers and they want to seek new things? Harmonizing to Sajna ( 2005 ) she conjured up 4 different constructs as to why people participate in nutrient touristry, viz. :

Food Neophobia – This is related to how adventuresome and unfastened one is to seeking new nutrients. Harmonizing to Pliner and Hobden ( 1992 ) , nutrient neophobia is a personal trait defined as the reluctance to eat or avoid fresh nutrients.

Variety- Seeking Tendency – This is related to 1s desire for assortment that is due to factors such as alteration in gustatory sensation, restraints and executable options.

Hedonic Consumption – An facet of consumer behavior that relate to the multisensory, phantasy, and affectional facets of a individual ‘s experience with a certain merchandise.

Digesting Involvement – The engagement of the tourers in the purchasing and engagement of the traveling and touristry experience.

So in decision, nutrient does and will play a function in the determination doing procedure of the tourer when they visit a state. For those tourers that have a love for nutrient and diverseness would be motivated to go to a state to experiment and seek out their local daintinesss and it is this act that is known as nutrient touristry.

2.3.2 Food Tourism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is a state that is rich in its heritage and civilization with the combination of 3 different races populating under one roof viz. Malays, Chinese and Indians. With the blend and combination of these many civilizations and cultural background creates a oasis of many different festivals, sights, heritage and FOOD. Because of all these assortment in civilizations and heritage, Malaysia has become a top pick of finish for tourer when it comes to their travel docket. Harmonizing to an article in the New Straits Times paper ( 2010 ) , in the twelvemonth 2009, Malaysia was ranked every bit 9th as the most traveled tourer finish United Nations World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) with 23.65 million tourer and the Tourism ministry of Malaysia plans to increase that figure to 36 million tourer in the close hereafter. This phenomenon can be due to many grounds such as the many historic sights to witness, the green landscape Mother Nature has to offer and besides the endless shopping available to bring around 1s dependence. But other than that, nutrient besides plays an of import function as one of the incentives for tourer to go to Malaysia. Malaysia is known as a state that eats 24-hours a twenty-four hours with eating mercantile establishments runing from traditional and reliable nutrient to modern twenty-four hours culinary art and from route side daintinesss to five star all right dining mercantile establishments. Anything you earn to eat can be found in Malaysia. No uncertainty that other state has their ain alone blend of nutrient but Malaysia is good known for its diverse mix in nutrient runing from Malay to international dishes.

Tourism in Malaysia is quickly turning every twelvemonth. More and more foreign tourers from all over the universe want to see Malaysia to see first manus all the state has to offer. Food touristry another facet of touristry is besides on the rapid rise in Malaysia. There are many grounds to this phenomenon the first being that Malaysia is a state that is full and huge in its heritage and civilization due to its blend of different races and faiths populating under one roof. Foreign tourer want to see what it is like to be populating in a state that has many rich and diverse mix of civilization because they are unable to see that in their ain state. Take Australia or America or even Arab Saudi, these states have merely one chief civilization or heritage that they are exposed to where else when they visit Malaysia, they are able to see possibly 3 or more civilizations all under one roof. Because of this rich and diverse mix of civilizations in Malaysia, nutrient has besides been a major pull factor for tourer. Just like everything else in Malaysia, nutrient in Malaysia is a blend of many diverse civilizations that add up or exceed into something that is really alone and that fits for all demographics. Even though Malayan nutrient may miss somewhat of edification, or design compared to that of the western universe, it still meets the culinary demands. There are so many different eating houses that cater to the Malayan visitant that they can ne’er acquire bored off. The following ground that can lend to the rise in nutrient touristry in Malaysia is because of the addition in the substructure of the state. It is now easier to acquire to topographic points in a short clip frame with the aid of the many public conveyance systems such as the monorail, Hop-on Hop-off, LRT, coachs and cab services. With the addition of the figure in tourer reachings, the authorities has taken the enterprise to spread out its substructure to assist get by with the stated rise in touristry therefore, doing it easier and cheaper for tourer to acquire around the state. Another ground why nutrient touristry is easy accessible in Malaya is because of the many different and low-cost adjustments available from guest houses to 5-star hotel adjustments all located at a cardinal country doing it easy to acquire around the metropolis.

Food Festivals In Malaya

Because there is a rise in nutrient touristry in Malaysia, many enterprises are being taken to guarantee that this facet of touristry is prolonged and non merely for the present clip. In order to make that, the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia has come up with many different show windows and festivals and attractive forces to pull in the foreign market to part-take in nutrient touristry in Malaysia.

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival

This event was introduced in September 2001 and it is a coaction of 13 five-star mulct dining eating houses. The ground this event is held every twelvemonth is to popularise the all right dining scene in Malaysia as many people perceive all right dining to be something that is really expensive and a waste of clip. Even though Malaysians love dining out, they normally go for more traditional and known nutrient instead than this type of a culinary art. Each twelvemonth, the eating houses put aside their differences to come together in a corporate attempt to assist market all right dining. Many people have taken involvement into this event and it is turning every twelvemonth.

Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade carnival

This menu has existed for more than 10 old ages and it has become the taking trade event for the nutrient and drink industry. It has become one of the most awaited events in the state. This event offer new merchandises, services and chances for the nutrient industry partisan from all over the universe. The high spots of this event scope from the Malaysian Indigenous nutrient and drink every bit good as it gives the opportunity for foreign manufacturers to plunge into the local and world-wide nutrient market topographic point.

Food and Fruit Fiesta Malaysia

This event normally takes topographic point in the month of July and it comprises of a broad spectrum of Asian and International culinary art together with a blend of tropical, semitropical and temperate fruits and nutrient. Apart from this event being a past clip among Malaysians, it has become a shared event.

Fabulous Food 1Malaysia

This is a 3 month nutrient thrust that has been organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia that aims to observe and do known Malaysia ‘s alone and diverse civilization represented in their culinary art with a series of exciting activities to pull the gustatory sensation buds of all Malaysians and besides the foreign market. Harmonizing to the curate of touristry, this event non merely highlights Malaysia as an eating finish full of civilization and heritage but besides as a state that is united through the blend of different types of nutrient.

Apart from local events, there have been several occasions in which nutrient festivals were held in states outside Malaysia to foreground to those foreign market that are unable to see Malaysia about Malaysia and its heritage and civilization expressed through nutrient.

Malaysia Night at Trafalgar Square

This is a celebrated tourer finish topographic point and it is located in cardinal London. A festival on Malayan street nutrient was held at this square to give the local people there a little glance about Malayan street nutrient. The free nutrient festival features around 20 different stables from all over Malayan eating houses and besides some unrecorded amusement. Besides nutrient, art and trade were besides displayed at the festival together with some unrecorded public presentations of Malayan traditional and modern-day dance,

Malayan Food Festival, Sydney

The Grace Brassiere located in Sydney, Australia late had a Malayan nutrient festival to show and showcase to the local people in Australia about Malayan nutrient. Several cooking manners from mamak to the really aromatic lemak, were provided to provide to all the different palette nowadays. The festival was non merely for those epicures but for everyone.

A Malayan Food Celebration in New York City

New York has ever been blessed with an array of different Asiatic culinary art runing from Chinese Dumplings to Nipponese Sushi and besides South Asiatic Food. Recently, a Malayan nutrient festival was held in the Big Apple and this thrilled non merely the Asians there but besides the state ‘s occupants. This event was sponsored by Malaysia Kitchen whose purpose is to do Malayan nutrient good known. There was an array of many different sorts of nutrient displayed to delight of all time palette nowadays.

The Malayan Food Festival, Taj Banjara Hyderabad

In an attempt to distribute the ‘Truly Asian ‘ cordial reception, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines together with The Taj group hotels late had a nine twenty-four hours nutrient festival on Malaysia. Truly Malayan culinary art was served at the festival with the aid of chef Ishaq from the Crown Plaza hotel. Besides nutrient, people gathered were besides treated to some Malayan amusement.

As stated, there is a corporate attempt being made to do to advance Food Tourism in Malaysia, Food touristry non needfully has to be done by the locals but it can besides be undertaken by everyone be it locals or aliens. Not merely in Malaysia but nutrient festivals about Malaya are being held everyplace in the universe to distribute the intelligence about Malaysia and its nutrient. Through proper and effectual selling and publicity, Malayan nutrient is able to make across many boundary lines. It ‘s merely in recent old ages that the Malayan authorities has recognised the addition in nutrient touristry in Malayan and it has now come up with assorted programs and schemes to farther addition this facet of touristry. Because of this, more and more foreign tourer are deluging Malaysia to see first manus all that Malaysia has to offer and Food Tourism is one of them

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