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I have chosen to speak about the Grecian civilization because I believe that our present civilization has many similarities to the Greek ‘s civilization. Our civilization today is really surprisingly similar to that of the Greeks. Some of these similarities are instruction, authorities, and faith.

One similarity that we have to the Greek ‘s civilization is the Greek ‘s devotedness to rational unity and their development of a system of schools.

The Greeks understood how of import it is to hold a good instruction. I agree with them because I think it is really of import to hold at least a high school instruction and I besides think it is of import to hold a college instruction. I believe that with cognition comes power and holding cognition can take to good things.

Today, most people fundamentally think like the Greeks did about rational unity and a development of a system of schools. We still see the importance of a good instruction today. Having a college grade in today ‘s society holds more occupation chances than person who merely has a high school instruction. One of the chief ends of instruction in Greece was to fix a kid for grownup activities as a citizen which is something that our society still does today. Parents prepare their childs for maturity.

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Greek Religion Essay

Another similarity that we have compared to the Grecian civilization is at that place usage of a democracy system. The Greeks were really the 1s that created the first democracy. The definition of democracy is the regulation of the people. They understood how of import it is to include the people in the determinations that are made for a society.

When authorization figures make determinations on a society without the people of that society ‘s ideas on those determinations, I ‘m certain that people tend to acquire reasonably upset. The United States still uses a democracy system of authorities today because, like the Greeks, we see how of import it is for the people to hold some input every bit good. The Greeks besides had a broad position toward instruction that was mostly responsible for the ruin of Classical Greek civilisation. There are many people that still have a broad point of position today. We have republicans every bit good but we still have those progressives. Not merely was their democracy of import, but the function that the people of their society played were really of import as good. In Grecian civilization, the adult female ‘s occupation was to run the house and bear kids. In many households today, it is of import the adult female stays at place and takes attention of the house. Of class, it is still really of import for adult females to bear kids besides. The work forces spent a great trade of clip off from place and when they were n’t involved in political relations, they spent clip in the Fieldss with their harvests. We still see this today. A batch of work forces spend clip off from place because of their occupation. A batch of people still farm for a life today and those people, during the summer, spend a batch of clip off from place taking attention of their harvests.

The last similarity between the Grecian civilization and our present society that I am traveling to speak about is faith. The Greeks were profoundly spiritual people that normally worshiped many Gods. Not merely did the Greeks write narratives about Gods and goddesses, they besides created a batch of art work such as pictures and sculptures that portrayed Greek Gods or goddesses. Most people today are still really spiritual. Almost every faith of today involves the worship of a God.

The lone faith that I can believe of that does n’t idolize a God is Atheism and I think that they do n’t believe in Gods. I mean, most of us spiritual people still go to church, read the bible, and pray in order to idolize our God.

Although the Greeks were really spiritual and thought it was really of import to idolize their Gods, they besides had an anthropocentric manner of thought. The definition of anthropocentric is fundamentally that adult male is the centre of everything and is most of import. In other words, the Greeks believed that they were the most of import and possibly even more of import than their Gods. Sadly, I believe that some or possibly a batch of people still think like this today. I think there are still those people that think that God is really of import but when it comes down to it, they think deep down that they may really be more of import and that they are really the centre of everything. I am non anthropocentric at all. I believe that God is most of import and that he is the centre of everything.

Now I am traveling to speak about the Grecian work of literature Oedipus the King. In this narrative, Oedipus is the swayer of Thebes. Thebes is really a dying metropolis and Oedipus is profoundly concerned of why Thebes is deceasing. Oedipus is a individual that is urgently seeking the truth of things so he goes to a unsighted adult male named Tiresias and he tells Oedipus about all of these prognostications affecting Oedipus himself. Oedipus does non believe what Tiresias tells him but Oedipus finds out throughout the narrative that Tiresias prognostications are really true. The chief struggle in Oedipus the King is between belief and world. The belief is that intelligence makes humanity maestro of its ain destiny versus the world of humanity being helpless against some barbarous destiny. This sort of goes back to that anthropocentric manner of thought.

For a individual to believe that he or she can command his or her ain destiny because of his or her intelligence seems like and anthropocentric manner of thought to me. I believe that whatever God has planned is what is traveling to go on no affair how smart person is. On page 617, lines 216-219, the chorus of the drama says:

“ O aureate girl of God, send deliverance radiant as the kindness in your eyes! Drive him back! – the febrility, the God of decease that ramping God of war. ”

The chorus is praying that the girl of god send deliverance and drive back the God of decease from the metropolis of Thebes. This goes back to the Greek ‘s being really spiritual people and idolizing Gods. All throughout Oedipus the King, the characters talk about some kind of god really frequently. Today, spiritual people still pray to their God for aid which is what is traveling on in these lines from Oedipus the King. I can associate to this because if I know person who is severely in demand of aid, I pray for him or her in hopes that he or she will have aid which is what the chorus of this narrative was making in these lines of the drama.

The Grecian civilization had many similarities to our present society today. Some of these similarities are instruction, authorities, and faith. The drama of Oedipus the King shows features of the Grecian civilization throughout the drama. The Greeks made really of import developments and some of them are really apparent the present society of today.

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