Summary of A Lumpy Old and Greedy Man

Having a kind and gentle heart as well as a wonderful voice, went to the mountain to gather wood with his back rack.

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Soon it became dark, so he found an old house nearby and entered the house. While he sang a song in the empty house, he met goblins. The Lumpy Old Man said to the goblins that the singing came from his lump. Then, he changed his lump for lots of valuable treasures and went back home. A greedy old man hearing this news went to the mountain and sang a Eng.

Then, he met goblins. However, the goblins weren’t deceived again and punished him. Learning Focus “Do not greedy Story A long time ago, there lived a Lumpy Old Man. On his cheek, there hung a large lump like a big gourd bottle. “Old Man, one step, his lump dangling, dangling. ” “Old Man, two step, his lump dangling, dangling! ” The townspeople would make fun of him, but he would Just smile with a grin, “Ha ha One day he went to the mountain to gather wood with his back rack. “All, All, All, All, W I can Dud my mother role. ” “All, All, All, All with this wood I can buy my mother clothes. , with this wood I can buy my mother shoes. ” “All, All, All, All, Oh, this is good. ” The Old Man not only had a kind and gentle heart but a wonderful voice. The Old Man came down from the mountain with a full load of wood on his back rack. Soon it became dark. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh “l can’t, I can’t go any further. ” “What if I meet a tiger in the middle of the night going down the mountain? ” Luckily, at that time, he found an old house nearby. “Alright, it looks empty, so guess I can spend the night here. The Lumpy Old Man entered the house.

The door was nearly falling down, dangling, dangling. On the wall there were holes the size of a fist, pop, pop! Shivering winds were blowing outside, whoosh, whoosh! “Oh, it’s scary in here! I think I will sing a song. ” “Moon, moon, bright moon! Daytime, daytime, where are you? ” “Nighttime, nighttime you have returned. ” “Moon, moon, bright moon, where is your home…? ” Bang! Suddenly the door swung open. The Lumpy Old Man stopped singing and raised his head. Have or SIX godsons stood tenure listening to Nils song. The goblins looked evil with horns on their heads. Oh my goodness, I have entered a goblins’ lair all by myself. ” However, watching closely, he saw the goblins were fascinated by his singing. They closed their eyes softly and swayed their hands and feet back and forth to the song. He was relieved and continued his song. After he finished his song, the goblins came over to him and asked, “Old Man, your song is pleasing. Where does your singing voice come from? ” “From my mouse. ” “Don’t lie” “If this was true, anybody with a mouth should be able to sing Just like you. “Actually, it’s from my throat. ” “No, No! We have throats too.

Just tell us the truth. ” “Just tell us the truth. ” “Ah, well, the singing comes from this singing pouch. ” The Old Man replied, shooing off his lump and rubbing it slowly. “That’s right, that’s it! ” The goblins surrounded the Old Man and looked closer at his lump. They darted here and there, this way and that, looking around. Wondering about the lump. “Singing pouch… Old Man, why don’t you sell us this singing pouch. ” “No way, how can I sell something stuck to my body? ” He he he, we will take care of that. ” In an Instant, ten godsons cleanly solace TOT Nils lump.

The goblins then gave the Old Man lots of valuable treasures and went on their way. In the bright afternoon, when the Old Man returned to town, he carried the treasures on his back rack. Everyone looked in surprised with their eyes wide open. “Old Man, how did you get rid of your lump? ” “Wow, where did all that treasure come from? ” The Old Man simply grinned and said, “The lumpy pouch was a treasure pouch, a treasure pouch! ” The Old Man became a very rich man from that day on. Rumor had it that the Old Man got rid of his lump and got the treasure from the goblins.

The rumor spread from house to house, town to town. Then the rumor came to another lumpy old man living in a nearby town. However, this other lumpy old man was too greedy. “Him, I will get rid of my lump and get treasure. Of course, I will get more treasure than that other Old Man. ” The Greedy Lumpy Old Man immediately went to the mountain. “Huh, what’s the use of gathering wood? It’s only good to have treasure. ” He then found the goblins’ lair and entered it. The Greedy Lumpy Old Man sang a song at the top of his voice. “Dear goblins, dear goblins.

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