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The Great Influence on Reading Paper

I have always heard the saying, “What others do has an influence on you.” I truly believe that this is true and is extremely significant when it comes to mothers who read to their children at a very young age.In fact, a relationship between mothers who read to their children and children who grow up to be successful readers and writers has been acknowledged by authorities for many years.In truth, I believe that I am living proof that this statement is true.

Many people know that when a woman is pregnant, she will do anything and everything she can to make sure her child has a good start in life.Although there are several ways that she can do this, one way is to read to her fetus.Once the fetus reaches twenty-three weeks, research shows that the mother’s voice can be heard.Since the baby can hear in the uterus, he or she is not only feeling a sense of calmness, but is absorbing, to some extent, what is going on in the outside world.At the time my mother was pregnant; she was a nurse caring for high-risk infants and had recently taken courses from experts in the field. Taking what she learned, my mother decided that she was going to read to me every day, and she was convinced that I was able to hear her nurturing voice.Every night when she would come home from work she would read books to me, whether they were short books, novels, or even a family story.My mom told me that many times when she read to me she would notice that I would seem to calm down and not move as much.She said it happened so often that she was convinced there was no way it could be a coincidence.

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Once I was born, my mother continued to read to me daily.She would sit in a rocking chair with me facing the book and read me baby stories or sing me lullabies.She knew right away that I enjoyed her reading to me because every time she read I would squeal and try to grab the book.My hands would fly in the air as I became more and more excited….

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