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The following sample essay on “The Great Ha Jin”: discussing themes in “The Bridegroom” by Ha Jin.

Ha Jin has written many unique stories that have influenced a large number of readers. One of his more popular stories, “The Bridegroom” dealt with the controversial topic of homosexuality and how we, as humans, should deal with this important issue. Jin’s short stories, “The Bridegroom” were published in 2000 (Weich).”There are twelve short stories in The Bridegroom and three of them were selected for The Best American Short Stories” (Thomas).

In the title story, he writes about the author’s adopted daughter who gets married to a handsome guy but he turns out to be a homosexual (Jin).

“The Bridegroom” is an interesting story because it keeps the reader wondering what will happen at the end of  the story. Claire Messud of The New York Times believes that “this story was a great pleasure.”She also believes that “Ha Jin has an excellent storytelling talent”.

I thought the story was different because of the cultural background.I like the way Jin narrated the story and then suddenly added a twist.

“The Bridegroom” is a very unusual story.The story is based on the author’s son-in-law and his adopted daughter.The story starts of with Beina (adopted daughter of the author), who is having a hard time finding a boyfriend (Jin 91).Then, all of a sudden a guy by the name of Huang asks her to marry him (Jin 91).Later in the story, Huang gets arrested for the crime of homosexuality (Jin 95).

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Huang’s father in law decides to put him in a mental hospital with the hope of curing him but it turns out that he can never be cured.

Jin describes Huang as very kind and handsome man (92).He also points out that Huang was so handsome that all the girls in the author’s factory were jealous of Beina when Huang asked her to marry him (Jin 92). He says that Huang is so handsome that he was surprised when Huang asked his daughter, Bein…

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