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The Great Gatsby – Jay Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald Paper

Art often reflects how the artist sees life, perceives his surroundings or even wishes things to be. Through The Great Gatsby, we are allowed a glimpse into the life of its author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald significantly used his own personal experiences to craft this timeless novel that continues to be revered till this day. It would have been difficult for Fitzgerald to deny any of the striking similarities that exist between the experiences of his troubled life and the novel itself. In Gatsby, aspects of Fitzgerald’s life are reflected in the construction of the narrator, Nick Carraway, the depiction of Jay Gatsby and his fleeting relationship with Daisy Buchanan and the portrayal of upper-class life during the Jazz Age.

In Gatsby, the background of the narrator, Nick Carraway, parallels the biography of Fitzgerald in more ways than one. Both were born in Minnesota into well-to-do families. From the honorable and decent Midwest, Carraway and Fitzgerald joined Ivy League universities before moving to the corrupt and wealthy East after World War 1 to go into bonds and writing respectively. In terms of character, both share a certain self-effacement. As the narrator, Carraway begins by relaying some important advice his father had once given him: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyonejust remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had” and this establishes him as a sympathetic and understanding person. This reflects Fitzgerald’s upbringing that emphasized notions of honor and humility as part of the “code of the Southern gentleman” taught to him by his father. Thus, there are important similarities between Nick Carraway and Fitzgerald that simply cannot be overlooked. In constructing Carraway, Gatsby had, either knowingly or unknowingly, captured a bit of himself.

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The tragic account of the main character, Jay Gatsby, also reflects the personal experiences of F. Scott Fit…

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