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The Goff Computer, Inc. Cost of Capital Minicase featuring Apple, Inc. Paper

The Cost of Capital for Goff Computer, Inc. Corporate Financial Management Finance 601 – Team 1 97 1 . In the Financial Statements go to Consolidated Balance Sheet and find the: Q. Book value of Long Term Debt A. LT Debt: Q. And, book value of Total Shareholder’s Equity A.

Total S/H Equity: Apple IOQ or 10K report: CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (In millions, except number of shares which are reflected in thousands) september 28, 2013 september 29, 2012 ASSETS: Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents 14,259 10,746 Short-term marketable securities 6,287 18,383 Accounts receivable, less allowances of $99 and $98, respectively 13,102 10,930 Inventories 1 ,764 791 Deferred tax assets 3,453 2583 Vendor non-trade receivables 7,539 7,762 Other current assets 6882 6,458 Total current assets 73,286 57,653 Long-term marketable securities 106,215 92122 Property, plant and equipment, net 16,597 15,452 Goodwill 1,577 1,135 Acquired intangible assets, net 4,179 4,224 Other assets 5,146 5,478 Total assets 207,000 176,064 LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY: Current liabilities:

Accounts payable 22,367 21,175 Accrued expenses 13856 11,414 Deferred revenue 7,435 5,953 Total current liabilities 43,658 38,542 Deferred revenue – non-current 2625 2,648 Long-term debt 16,960 Other non-current liabilities 20,208 16,664 Total liabilities 83,451 57854 Commitments and contingencies Shareholders’ equity: Common stock, no par value; 1 shares authorized; 899,213 and 939,208 shares issued and outstanding, respectively 19,764 16,422 Retained earnings 104,256 101,289 Accumulated other comprehensive income/(loss) 471 499 Total shareholders’ equity 123,549 118,210 Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity See accompanying Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements. edgar/searchedgar/companysearch. html 10/10 2. Estimate the Cost of Equity for Apple 12/112013 Q. What is most recent stock price listed for Apple? A. $556. 07 Apple Inc. (AAPL) -Nasdaq6S 556. 07 N/A http://finance. yahoo. com/q? s=aapl=l http://www. sec. gov/ Q. What is the market value of equity or market capitalization? A. 500. 32B Valuation Measures

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