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The Goalkeeper’s Fear Of The Penalty Paper

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Essay on “The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty / Novels /”

Peter Handke – one of the most significant writers of contemporary German literature

«The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty” could give the impression detective that begins with Joseph Bloch a crime: the cashier’s murder, but further narration devoid of any mystery, mysticism, as usual should be at. detecting criminal in detective stories, we can say that even the contrary, in the future about this crime does not say anything, just the constant fear Bloch shows the situation of tension. This work is quite unusual in terms of plot, on the one hand, the center of all events there is one protagonist – Joseph Bloch, but on the other hand, it acts as an observer only occurring around events, not taking them a special participation. Step back a hero from the outside world, the author thus also presents us with Bloch as a part of something more holistic, separating the part that can not feel its involvement to a whole

Goalkeeper’s Fear Of The Penalty

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Goalkeeper -. A person who does not accept special participation in the game, but at the same time it carries a huge burden of responsibility throughout the match and is an indispensable and fundamental actor in a penalty, not for nothing that the work begins with the words: “goalkeeper watched the ball crossed the line … “So saying, the author begins races kaz about psychologically difficult period in the life of the hero.

«Goalkeeper in a bright yellow pullover stood perfectly still, and the player who beat a penalty, sent the ball into his hands.” This phrase is closed framework composition, thereby occurring in the story events are defined as one instant, an instant higher voltage, a moment before a penalty when the spotlight is directed only to shot, showing a mark the decisive moments of the game between the hero and fate, the outcome of which will determine the fatality reality or vice versa.

fear of the worm, which destroys the whole man, as you know, fear of the unknown most painful, so caught the ball gives hope, as a hero, that and to the readers that is still possible to take up on himself, on his fear, over all the situation.

It should be read by anyone is a fan of Camus, in particular his work “Stranger”.

The Goalkeeper’s Fear Of The Penalty

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