The Glass Menagerie Analysis

Manta’s controlling behavior is what drove Mr.. Winnfield away, and is now s erring her son, Tom, toward a similar escape. This essay will explore several Of the symbols, b e they objects or events, Tennessee Williams uses to illustrate Amanda Winnfield as a character who, tragically, cannot move forward from her past. Two objects that really stand out are “the cheap or imitation velvety looking CLC 10th coats,” and especially the “imitation fur collar” that she always wears when going out in society (Scene II peg.

55). Both of them represent that Amanda is still trying to live in her pa SST as a southern belle with fancy clothing because they are both “imitations” of her past glam r and lavish clothes. One event that shows us that Amanda wants to remain a youthful bell el also occurs in the beginning of the play as well: it tells us that she ” resurrected [a dress] from that old trunk! ” (Williams, Scene VI, Peg.

769) and talks about receiving seventeen gentlemen c lealer one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain.

Essay Example on The Glass Menagerie Analysis

This shows that she is stubborn and is willing to do anything to convince herself that she is still the belle she once was. Vicar 2 Another important event that occurs in the beginning of the play is that we el ran that Amanda spends a lot of her time gazing at Mr.. Windshield’s portrait. Perhaps the is means that she misses Mr.. Winnfield even if she refuses to admit Also in Scene Ill, Amanda is described as wearing “a very old bathrobe of the faithless Mr.

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Winnfield” (Williams, Scene Ill, Peg; 759), so we can assume that Amanda is haunted by the rejection of the love of her life and the memory of her absent husband.

Williams uses Manta’s behavior towards Tom to show that she cares because she doesn’t want him to turn out like his father. She badgers him to behave the way she expects him to, how to eat, where to go, and how to get ahead in his job, but as a result of Manta’s controlling nature, the Winnfield family gets into a complicated situ action and all Tom wants to do is escape from the apartment, from this suffocating life ultimately Williams uses three symbols that reveal and develop Manta’s character.

On e is the character Jim O’Connor: for Amanda, Jim represents the days of her youth, who en she went frolicking about picking flowers and supposedly having seventeen gentlemen callers on one Sunday afternoon because he reminds her of the life she once had, carefree a ND filled with affections and the attention of gentlemen callers. Another symbol is flowers, articulacy jonquils because Amanda always talks about them when mentioning her past. Lastly, t he apartment’s fire escape symbolizes the way for Amanda Winnfield to bring a man into the ho SE to save herself and her daughter from the fate Of becoming a spinster.

She is always expecting g gentlemen callers to come and court Laura as they had when Amanda was her daughters age. ” Not one gentleman caller? It can’t be true! There must be a flood, there must have been a tornado ! ” LAURA: “It isn’t a flood, it’s not a tornado, Mother. I’m just not popular like you were in Blue Mountain” (Williams, Scene I, Peg. 755). Vicar 3 The universal truth that learn from Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is that perhaps sadly, like Amanda, we all cling to the past, especially when we do not want to face reality or if We are in a difficult situation.

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