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“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

Yes of course, “how many people, so many opinions,” who argues, and read the book or not – a private matter. My review – my personal opinion. In my opinion, the book does not deserve such unqualified praise that I’m here (and not only here) to watch, and HIS (stress) estimation of the book as a mediocre and I tried to prove in his review. But there is no appeal, “Do not read this book!” I was not going provozgalashat 🙂 I did not like it, she left me indifferent. Many, on the contrary, as we have seen from her in delight. Just DIFFERENT review needed in order to help not read with the decision – read or not read. And, dear Elena Yakovleva, it is not necessary unfounded scare anyone would miss “guaranteed to get a fascinating read” scare just because you personally liked the book. It is better to write a compelling review and help these others to choose or not the choice of the book. And I, in the meantime, I beg to differ with the “imagery”, which, as you say, the characters are drawn. Imagery – this is just the weakest link in this novel. It is written in the style of “I can see – the singing, and you, the reader, to see not necessarily follow the developments – and that’s enough from you,” and the language of primitive enough to do the same. In general, the imagery here and does not smell. Here as the basis for the script for the film book is better suited than as an independent masterpiece: it is hoped that the director’s talent, whoever he was, could “dolepit nedoleplennoe”. Although the plot for my taste – too not perfection, in this review I tried to substantiate his assessment. But this, again, is my personal opinion. Without claiming to be “the ultimate truth.” And, dear Elena Yakovleva, untimely departure of the author does not make his book better or worse?. “Of the dead bad does not say” – not my motto as a reader, and therefore praise the book Larsson only for the fact that he died young, and “many do not have time”, with all due respect, I’m not.

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