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The Gilded Six-Bits Paper

“Missie knew why she didn’t leave Joe. She couldn’t. She loved him too much. But she couldn’t understand why Joe didn’t leave her. He was polite, even kind at times, but aloof” (Hurston 733).Zora Neale Hurston literary style is evident throughout her short stories. The use of black idioms and characterization is preeminent in “The Gilded Six-Bits.” Hurston characterizes the relationship between Missie May and her husband Joe. Through depiction, Zora Hurston narrates the main characters relationship and demonstrates the faulty course they venture into throughout the story. “The Gilded Six-Bits”applies characterization in several approaches to dramatize the theme and emphasize a severed realtionship.

To be able to understand Hurston’s story in its entirety, one must first be able to interpret the author’s use of characterization in the beginning of the story. According to Chuck Jackson, the characterization in the opening of the story with Missie May “Bathing herself in the galvanized washtub in the bedroom” (727), “typifies the way in how Hurston delves into the world in which her character moves” (Waste and Whiteness 640). Hurston’s use of characterization of Missie May throughout the first few paragraphs depicts a devoted wife, in a happy marriage, who cherishes her husband and caters to him to a great extent. “Aw, he don’t look no better in his clothes than you do in yourn” (729). This is to say, Missie May glorifies her husband, Joe, and is expressing satisfaction in him as a man, even when Joe is in doubt of himself. Surely enough, Joe is infatuated in his wife, than she is for him. From the story, Joe proclaims his love for Missie May as well, and says “That was the best part of the day-going home to Missie May” (731). Zora Hurston characterizes Missie May and Joe as an affectionate couple and portray their fancy for each other through definite testimony from the main characters. To…

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