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The Future in Animal Farm and Roller Ball Paper

In the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and the movie, “Roller Ball”, the author and director were trying to explain to its readers and viewers their point of view on what the world is like today, what they think it will be like in the future, and providing examples to justify their thoughts. In essence, the author and director were predicting their own version of the future to show to others.

One very large category that will have drastic changes at some point in the future is technology. For example, just recently the University of Washington’s students has come up with a very interesting way to store data. They are able to take any sort of data, and insert the data into a living cell. It is inserted into the chromosomes, in between the strands of DNA. Because DNA is also data, and it is very stable and does not affect the cell in any way. The only issue is that there really isn’t much of a use for it. The data can only be inserted into the cell, and extract the information. It cannot be utilized while in the cell. I think eventually, we’ll be able to utilize the data while inside the cell, opening up so many possibilities as to how we will utilize it.

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Lifestyle is another part of our society that will be greatly changed in the near future. I believe at some point in the near future, marijuana will be legalized federally, bring with it many additional jobs, medical alternatives, and many new products. Marijuana is legal in Washington as you probably know, and is also legalized, or in the process of getting legalized in many other states. If marijuana is legalized federally, the market will start to grow rapidly. The alcohol industry is already tightly controlled, but marijuana brings with it many more variables than alcohol, so testing and regulating will be very important in this industry. New medical alternatives will pop up, providing patients with another form of medication, and this will greatly benefit the major p…

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