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The French and Indian War Essay

The French and Indian War was the beginning of the American Revolution. During this war, tensions grew to an immense degree, especially when the British found out that the Americans were secretly trading with their enemies the French and the Spanish. Also, when the British issued the Proclamation of 1763 to try to prohibit the colonists from migrating west, the colonists became extremely upset, thinking that the British were siding with the Native Americans who lived there. The colonists moved anyway, in spite of the Proclamation, and the Native Americans became their blood enemies. Due to this, the colonials were able to increase their self-esteem and military experience while becoming united with ideas of independence.
Before the French and Indian War was initialized in the Ohio Valley in 1754, Great Britain treated the colonists with "salutary neglect" which enabled the colonials to grow on their own for about four decades. However, this all changed when the British entered the war by invading Canadian territory in 1756 and fought alongside with the American militiamen. The presence of the British "Redcoats" began to kindle animosity with the colonials because the more experienced British soldiers treated the American soldiers with contempt and acted as if they were higher than them. This growing tension between Britain and her colonies grew even worst during the war when the British discovered that the colonists were secretly trading with their enemies, the French and the Spanish, by using fraud papers. In response to this, the British were forced to discontinue the export of all goods from the New England and Middle colonies towards the end of the war.
When the French were removed from North America at the end of the war, several combined Indian tribes under the leadership of Pontiac invaded and destroyed all but three British posts on the western frontier. This event convinced the British Parliament to s…

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