How Does Global Warming Affect Tropical Rainforest

Contents of Paper Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the late 1 9th century and its projected continuation. It has affected many parts of our world, most known and some unknown. One area of Earth that has been affected in particular is the rainforest’s. Although the effects of global warming can seem immeasurable, because humans and forests alike have been blamed for current conditions, global warming is causing plants and vegetation to grow at alarming rates, animals in the rainforest’s to go extinct, and ultimately it will cause changes in human life.

There is no doubt that the tropical rainforest’s of the world are in danger. Every hour approximately six species of life in our tropical rainforest’s are strayed. Experts agree that the number one cause of extinction in the tropical rainforest’s is due to the destruction of the tropical rainforest’s environment” (as cited in Pants (2012).

Some scientists believe that the effects of global warming are not easily measurable. According to  we cannot accurately measure the effects of global warming on the rainforest’s. Kerry (2007) writes, “One reason is the complexity of the system, in which land surface processes are tightly coupled to the atmospheric hydrodynamics. Another reason is that the climate has a highly regional hereafter, and the adjacent Andean topography is so steep it cannot be resolved properly…. ” . Although measurements may not be accurate, it is a known fact that we have seen some dramatic changes in the world’s tropical forests.

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Since global warming causes higher temperatures in our atmosphere, it affects all life on earth.

Higher temperatures in rainforest’s cause plants and trees photosynthesis rates to decline. As a result, this causes stunted plant growth and reduces the forests capacity to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide is he most serious agent of global warming. According to Reuters, (2004) studies suggest, “Carbon Dioxide levels have risen by 30 percent in the past 200 years. This is due to emissions from automobiles and forest burning” . Research also shows that the Tropical Rainforest’s itself contributes to global warming. According to because of deforestation, large amounts of CO, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide is released into the atmosphere from freshly cut, decomposing, or burnt trees.

Also, live trees release a substantial amount of water vapor. This moisture contributes irately to the greenhouse gases. Research from, shows that, “the growth of large trees in the Amazonian rainforest’s have accelerated over the past novo decades while the growth of smaller ones has slowed”. For example, an independent study that was conducted (Reuters, 2004), “18 undisturbed plots in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon were monitored since the asses. Of 115 tree genera, they found that two became significantly more common and 14 became significantly rarer over the 1 5 years of the study. The winners tended to be tall, relatively fast-growing canopy trees, while the users tended to be slower-growing trees that live their whole lives in the dim depths of the forest below the canopy…

No past anomalies in rainfall Were found that might explain this pattern of change. A second, independent set of study plots nearby showed similar changes”. It seems there is a cloud of death that lives among the plant and animal life in rainforest’s. As a result there is an increasing competition for light, water, and nutrients in the soil. Because oftenest changes, places like the Amazon Rainforest’s are at risk of being lost much sooner than they ever should. Recently, there have also been numerous animals that have gone extinct in our rainforest’s.

Because of global warming, forests are experiencing warmer climates, which means that animals whose population would thinness be controlled by the colder climates are flourishing. Species that have adapted to the cold depend on mountaintops for shelter. When climate and humans alike ravish their homes, they now have nowhere to go. Additionally, the extinction of tropical species can be attributed to global warming. For example,  list the Golden Toad, the Madeira Large White Butterfly, and the Java Tiger s being extinct currently due to global warming and its affects.

Animals in the rain forest are not the only species that are affected by global warming. There are other animals that live in different ecosystems that are in danger of becoming extinct due to these effects. There are far too many to name, but here are a few: Canadian polar Bear; South American Sea Turtles; American North Atlantic Whale; Chinese Giant Panda; Indonesian Orange-tan; African Elephants; and Indian Tigers. (Worldwide Endangered Animal List, 2012) Not only will global warming affect the animals and plants of the rain forest, but unmans will be affected as well.

Millions of plants and animals help humans to understand and treat a lot Of disease and ailments that are exclusive to humans. By losing our rain forests to global warming and human activities, humans lose things like maple syrup, peanuts, coffee, strawberries, chocolate, trout, honey, and many, many, more things that are an expected norm for humans. All living creatures, especially humans, will gain more pollen and grass weed which causes allergies, fire hazards which threaten our homes and communities, rising water levels, and a treasure trove of other great and rebel things that can occur.

Global warming has many causes and many effects. Although animals and plants don’t have the mental capacity to worry about things such as global warming, it is something that humans should be concerned about. Humans contribute to deforestation, and green house gases everyday. The temperature in our atmosphere has risen and is causing the death of forests ATA much higher and alarming rate. This destructive pattern that has been started will eventually compromise the very air that we breathe. Humans have the capacity to learn, understand, and ultimately make changes that will benefit all life on earth.

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How Does Global Warming Affect Tropical Rainforest
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