Causes Of Migration Essay

The following sample essay on Causes Of Migration. Reasons for the massive economic growth were skilled labor as many people chose to emigrate from the former East German regions into West Germany. The monetary reform was another reason for the growth as well as the Korean War In as Germany had little production costs and was capable export war equipment to Korea which doubled the German export numbers. In order to cover the demand of manpower Germany started to recruit workers from Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece and Italy.

Due to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 East German people could no longer enter to West Germany.

In the beginning of the 19th Turkey experienced unemployment, therefore the Turkish government started the Initiative of asking Germany to also recruit people room Turkey as guest workers. On the 30th of Cot 1961 Turkey and Germany signed a convention that Germany will hire labor from Turkey. Advantages for the host/ receiver country Disadvantages fort he host/receiver contractors Advantages fort he donor/losing country Disadvantages for the donor/losing country Cultural advantages such as new foods, music and pastimes Birth rate may lower as people of childbearing age leave Social Less strain on services such as health care due to out migration of the economically active cohort.

Loss of a family member (usually male). This impacts on the population structure of the country. Germany has the need to become more international ( offer language classes, build moss etc) Society has to deal with enemies and opponents of immigrants.

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Social People call for their family members to Join them in Germany to have a better life People get to experience a different religion Challenge in society to Increase acceptance and respect of different lifestyle and deferent values ( man has higher value than a woman) Social Society improves networking due to exchange of Information between family members In two different countries Many people feel that they do not belong to neither country, they ace a loss of identity More people in the country leads to more people who pay taxes Turkish workers who loose their job in Germany need to be supported by the German state Economic Germans choose to visit turkey for their vacation; the strong relationship made turkey a tourist destination.

Million German vaulted turkey In 2011 More people are In Germany who also spend their money Many Immigrants have a lower level of education than German people, as they come from poor regions rather that modern cities Economic People who return home will come with better education and new knowledge Salary in turkey will increase due to shortage of manpower Immigrant distant themselves and build their own communities within a city rather than Including themselves into the society Economic Loss of people will lead to technological Improvement. ( e. G. Instead AT security man a camera will De installed) People will earn more because fewer people apply for vacant positions. Companies face a salary increase. Turkish People in Germany have no political rights unless they get the German citizenship.

A healthy political situation needs the majority of the society to vote Political Turkey needs German support to become a ember of European Union Germany needs more immigrants to keep the social standard as the German people do not have enough children Some Turkish people resist to integrate themselves into the German society Political More than any other cultural value, the Islam is regarded as the number one main difference between the German and the Turkish population Cultural Strong cultural exchange in art, media, youth, science etc. A close cooperation between ministries show a friendship between those two countries In German work places and schools the German culture dominates.

Some people cannot pray during pray time or wear headscarves. In the past years the Turkish community has shown more radical views, 72 % believe the Islam is the only true religion Other Decrease of unemployment. With more than 25 Millard Euro of bilateral commercial exchange, Germany becomes Turkeys first and most important partner In Germany many people believe that German citizens do not find a place to work due to people including Turks who live in Germany. This is clearly not the case. Also I found it interesting that the German society consists of more old people and have a small young generation whereas immigrants are young people and have a small percentage of elderly family members.

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