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“The Easter Parade” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Easter Parade”

Classic is a classic, that’s it. And let it be, and the 20th century.

The author of this I discovered thanks beckoning inscriptions on the book, saying “the greatest American writer of the 20th century” .I certainly did not believe it, but the book still bought.

«Easter Parade “captures the very first page.

However, on top of tragedy no tie did not foretell. The average American family,

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everyday girl’s problem, it is standard for all women desire.

But, until such time as the track two sisters are not separated in different directions.

one in the direction of education, the other in the direction of “hearth».

Which option as you seem to be able to provide in the future a good life?

to you vybrali- not you make a mistake

After reading, I am reminded that there is a Sufi parable, or what that old saying,

:. «who is not entered into lock- wants to get there, who in the castle- wants to go out “.Takova human nature.

So in the book -ploho and there and there. I have a question: “At what stage of life, we need to take control of events in their own hands? Should we let control over events?

After all, Yates, it turns out that taking his life under control is extremely difficult. It is very difficult to catch that moment, and when the fact is your life derailed

The author has a unique gift to transfer the relationship between people and the unsaid, which we usually silent – to translate the pages of books

The language of the narrative is very simple, easy to read, but not primitive. I recommend definitely to Russian classics masterpiece Yeats far, he hardly even worthy of dusting with boots Dostoevsky, but the book is in the spirit of the time, easy to read, swallowed in one night, leaving the after taste and different thoughts in my head.

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