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The Early Land of Egypt Essay

The environment and climate have had major influences and impacts on the early Egyptian culture. The city was shaped and built around how the climate and environment played out. It impacted day to day life, political, social, and economic landscape. The Egyptians established their city around the Nile River. This was an extremely smart and important move for them. Unlike many of the rivers and landscapes, some earlier cities were built around, the Nile was constant. In the past cities, such as the Sumerians, built their cities around rivers that were unstable and you did not know what was going to happen. With the Nile stability brought a consistency that made civilization more stable.

The Nile river’s consistency allowed the people to know when the best time to farm crops. The land around the Nile was also exceptionally fertile. The fertility matched with the predictability of the river, giving the people the ability to plan their farming and know when they needed to grow more food before a bad period. When the Nile flooded, it would flood in contained spaces. The predictability of the Nile was key in the early establishment and growth of the Egyptian kingdom. Although Egypt did not start out as a unified kingdom, it was not long until Egypt became one. In the early Dynastic Period, the kingdom was ruled by one king. This king was considered to represent the divine. How he acted and ruled the kingdom had a major impact on how the geography of the kingdom would react. The divinity of the king was linked to the most powerful god of the Egyptians, the sun god. The king’s job was to take care of the people. Taking care of the people meant everything being done in an orderly fashion. If the king preserved this, then the Nile would stay in a methodical manner. If the Nile is not in place, the kingdom was bound to fall apart, which also means if the king does not follow the way he must rule, the Nile implodes and that is when the kingdom …

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