The Drovers Wife Analysis

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In the character of the drovers wife, Lawson has constructed a portrait of stoic ism, endurance and resilience in the face of poverty, isolation, fear and danger. ‘ Ex people how Lawson has successfully used the character of the drover’s wife to convey distinctively visual image of the courage of so many Australians living in the 1 9th Century. The 19th century was a difficult time to live in and so many Australians made I t through their live with endurance, courage and resilience.

Essay Example on The Drovers Wife

Henry Lawson conveys the willow were of the Australian living in this time through the story, The Drover’s Wife. This story revolves around a mother of three that is threatened by a snake and flashbacks that expresses t he courage and strength that women in the ass’s possessed. The use of visual imagery, symbol ism and dialogue help to shine light upon the women that suffer silently in the backer mound.

In this story, the drovers wife is a mother of three and is raising them in the b SSH alone. She is alone because her husband is a drover and need to be out for a couple of MO nth to work. The book presents a lot of visual imagery to project an idea of what the lands cape look like, in his case, the environment creates feelings of isolation and monotony; the buy SSH has “no horizon”,”no ranges in the distance’ and “no undergrowth”.

Pathetic fallacy is n play, showing the reader a glimpse of the bleakness and emptiness in the bushman’s life.

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This presents the courage of this one woman that speaks for all. The Drover’s wife is able to confront all her challenges simplemindedly and eve ere difficult experience she’s had is in the absence of her husband. She raised her children n on her own and constantly protects them from dangers.

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