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“The Donut” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Donut”

Novella “Donut”, in my opinion, one of the most prominent works of the writer. Here Maupassant describes the events that took place during the Franco-Prussian War. In one coach he brought “decent” misters and the fallen woman. Donut – a nickname the girls of easy virtue, who was traveling with the nobles in the same coach. Detained by the German patrol, gentlemen pushed donuts on immoral act, and then get the results themselves and condemned it.

One of the favorite tricks is the paradox of Maupassant. The “Donut”, he uses it to the fullest extent in opposition “virtuous” citizens of Rouen and “vicious prostitutes Donuts (all the passengers of the stagecoach), with the result that good and evil should change places (the prostitute is more moral and principled” high “gentlemen .)

It is not strange, in the description of stagecoach passengers all the “positive” heroes receive negative evaluations directly from the narrative: a wholesale wine merchant Loiseau – a crook; his wife – a miser; manufacturer – greedy hypocrite. On the contrary, Donut awarded the most flattering definitions: fresh, blush, beautiful black eyes, thick eyelashes (although here the author as it pushes us to a conflict situation, gentlemen, he describes the moral side, and in the crumpet it affects only its appearance, not words not to mention her profession, or of some of its moral side). This contradiction Maupassant engenders a paradox as the situation convicting all the participants of the trip

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Next, the paradox of development:. Hungry gentlemen have to speak with crumpets, as only it has a basket of food, which she, not how much embarrassment, divided high personages.

finally, the conflict, the main part of the paradox, without which it loses all meaning. German officer calls for a crumpet (Mademoiselle Elizabeth Rousset), and she refuses (Prussian officer). There he is! Patriotism! Then Maupassant masterful, a few pages describe all the hypocrisy, meanness and cowardice of people descended receiving the right to be elected.

To complete the story, Maupassant draws a parallel with the start of the trip, and now everyone has food, except Donuts , but only one will not be divided with it, and it is only one – to cry

Maupassant masterfully exploits the possibilities of a paradoxical situation, an unexpected turn of events.. It reaches a maximum entertaining, using all sorts of contrasts. Social, domestic, religious, and finally, the moral

I advise everyone to read this novel. Yes, nothing new in it, you probably will not see the hypocrisy and bigotry everywhere today, but about patriotism, I generally keep quiet, as to say today about him almost nothing. But there is one question that you should ask yourself after reading this story, and for which I advise you to read this little novel: what would you do find yourself in this situation on the ground “decent” misters ?

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