The Diamond Chariot. In 2 Volumes”

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The Diamond Chariot – a bright, fresh, exciting, beautiful and a little sad. Fandorin is in Japan, where is experiencing a lot of (together with Masa) adventures, meets their greatest love and loses it. Actively flavored with Japanese flair, this story is addictive, because we see a new look at some familiar things. Feels great interest and love Akunin to this small but stunningly original and peculiar country, customs which have conquered my imagination. The author reveals one card: it is known that refers to the alias “Akunin” – a strong villain, having its own principles, the rules that it does not disturb.

Well, I hope that this is so. In general, I was amused by the phrase Fandorin about what kind of Japan unusual country, where every villain has its own code of certain rules, which he holds is always

In the first volume, of course, the main character -. Captain Rybnikov, which runs its own way, deftly manipulates people, pursues her Diamond chariot carrying him to happiness, however, is no longer on Earth.

Again, I notice repeatedly iterative reception author – like evil punished, Victoria celebrates good, but no where there Rybnikov wins this battle, despite his own death, it is planned that he himself personally expected of me. The final letter like should put everything in its place, but it actually leaves a lot of questions, some of which I can not answer. Akunin always so difficult, and often the very mystery is far more attractive clues.

In the second volume before us is Fandorin times “Turkish Gambit” and “Leviathan”.

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A bit naive, touching, so respectfully referring to foreign customs, has not yet hardened hearts (it is in front of him), he refuses to ride a rickshaw and does not intend to choose a wife for a while, although the proposals were. Fandorin as always there is a small thread with which to untangle all ball. Though like Lisa’s death from the “Azazel” made him a whiskey to turn gray, and left an indelible mark on his soul, it was after the story of O-Yumi (aka Midori) it hardens, it felt some change of heart, like the bright light that illuminates room, went out, his heart will never be the same again, and the soul -. so alive and immediate

In general, read and enjoy, not often to our table served as a tasty dish .

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The Diamond Chariot. In 2 Volumes”
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