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The Dangers of Cell Phones Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Biology

Many do not know that cell phones take more lives than they save. A large number of people use cell phones on a regular and daily basis not knowing the consequences. The World is now more dangerous considering cell phones are becoming more popular. Cell phones are exposing unintended problems and other dangerous consequences that people were not aware of. All the many dangers cell phones have can cause a lot of different negative and harmful effects on people and their lives. Cell phones are dangerous considering they cause accidents, release private information, cause health problems, lead to suicide, and influences sexting.

Cell phones are extremely threatening and are the prime mover of accidents. Vehicle drivers are texting and driving on their cell phone devices and are not paying attention to the road and their surroundings. People often think they can drive with their cell phones and do not realize they are swerving or driving really slow or fast. By people speeding can cause them to cause them to get in accidents and hurt themselves and others.Cell phones are causing drivers to hurt themselves by making themselves more vulnerable to crash into objects or to drive off their course. Not only are cell phones causing people to put their own lives at risk but they are also allowing them to put other people’s lives in danger that are in the vehicle or near the vehicle. Cell phone users are also answering phone calls and trying to talk on the phone while trying to operate a vehicle. Ignorant drivers assume that talking and driving is safer than texting and driving because they think they are still capable of keeping their eyes on the road. They are clearly wrong because talking on the phone distracts you from important traffic noises, it is impossible for a person’s mind to multitask. Talking on the cell phone while driving disables you from important noises that could be intended for the driver to hear, like sirens and horns. Talking…

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The Dangers of Cell Phones The Dangers of Cell Phones The Dangers of Cell Phones

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