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“The Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres”

Simply horror any, how far I am from the surrealism! How many I did not try anything to understand and grasp the works of Salvador Dali, as one of the brightest representatives of this direction, failed. Most likely, this was the last attempt to read the book “Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres.” The book fell into my hands by good fortune from people who purchased it in this very Theater-Museum. A woman who had been there, told me that before did not like Dali, but to visit the museum, little changed her mind and now, at least, is interested the life and work of this famous Spaniard. I was not in Spain, the Museum did not attend, Dali did not understand and, apparently, until there shall appear, his opinion has not changed. Although this book – a real step by step guide to this Museum. Step by step, centimeter by centimeter authors describe all the paintings and sculptures that are there. The tiles on the pavement, leading us to the entrance to the main building by a church, which was baptized Dali, a monument to Francesc Puzholsku, a friend of the family Dali and several sculptures, which position value is to describe this place is not just writers, described himself Dali. The passage through the vestibule, where the picture of the painting, a sculpture of a sculpture on the right and on the left we are surrounded by such creativity not clear (to me personally)-solvent. And the courtyard, and the dome, and each of the rooms of the Theater-Museum give us a meeting with more and more new particles of great genius. Authors like lead me by the hand, showing pointing finger on at the moment to pay attention to which way to turn her head, which detail is missed. They pull me ready to explode on the incomprehensibility and the huge mass of impressions, deeper and deeper, apparently in the hope that I give in and fall in love with Dali, understand it, and I will remember. And I can not, I resist her, probably flat and insufficiently mobile to surrealism mind. And sometimes even I doubt whether it was (the reason) at all in me enough to break away from reality. Considering the stunning photographs by Jordi Puig, which accompany every word, every letter, every thought Antoni Pichot and Mons Ager, plunge into the world of Dali so deep that it seems like you’re drowning and absolutely no strength to come up and breathe just a little air. You panic, fear holds down your movements and you looking at the world around does not understand anything look. Only occasionally scarred my mind attacks on him a little rest and come to life when his eyes were met with paintings from the early period of Dali, where there is still a connection to the reality in which I live and which I understand. “” Gave me a breather, and ” did not make a particularly tense. “» Show native and a little zankomoy, and even “figure lying on the sand,” I was able to see and learn. But now such films as “”, “”, “” ascends St. Cecilia “,” If you really falls, so falls “and, of course,” “I seem to understand is not given.

Finally, I can only say one thing: if you are a fan of surrealism or have not yet decided on their preferences, or want to learn about Salvador Dalí and his works a bit more to see them and to hear at least some explanation of knowledgeable people as possible to go to Figaras you do not, feel free to take up this book: it is really worth it !

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