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The Crusades (1095-1487) Essay

In the years of 1095-1487, there were many wars fought between the Christian people of Western Europe and the Muslims from the Middle East over the holy land of Jerusalem. The land is very important in both religions. They totaled nine battles of Muslim armies and Christian armies.The crusades were not exactly too successful for any one group. They did, however, present new ideas and thoughts of religion for the Christians of Western Europe and the Muslims of the Islamic world. Also, an enlightenment and rediscovery of secular texts were found and implemented into european society, shaping it into the more common Europe we see today. Therefore, it was not successful for just one group, but for all three; the church, the Islamic world, and the European monarchs of the time.

Pope Urban II brought the first crusade to fight a holy war against the Muslims to reconquer lost territory and prevent Muslim spread. “He tempted people to come together by promising them salvation from God and fame for when the crusaders return.” He also promised wealth beyond imagination by pillaging. Because of this, over thousands of the rich and poor followed him. The first crusade being more effective than the others, the pope and his men traveled through Asia Minor through Constantinople and won the battle at Syria, reclaiming Jerusalem in 1099. The Europeans slaughtered thousands of innocent Muslims including children and justified it by saying the people were not Christians. The second crusade failed for the catholic church, bringing about a third crusade. The third crusade, led by England’s King Richard the Lion-hearted, King Phillip II of France, and emperor Frederick Barbarossa led to a compromise. The compromise stated that the Muslims would remain in control, but that the Christians were allowed to visit anytime. The rest of the crusades were all failures that ruined the reputation of the roman Catholic Church.

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European monarchs such as Pope Urban…

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