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The Containment of Communism Paper

I imagine if 10 million people were killed for not agreeing with the government. Half of you reading this article would be dead if the U.S. incorporated communism. Yet, this was something the U.S. was not willing to allow. The USSR tested it’s power and limits with expanding into Germany. Later North Korea did the same going into South Korea crossing the 38th parallel. Lastly, Cuba endangered the U.S.’s safety, Threatening the lives of its citizens. Communism was all around us and caused paranoia which led the U.S. to quarantine any communist countries.

The USSR wanted West Berlin so what they did was they starved the people who lived in the west area. The Allies heard about it and they thought it was extremely cruel. Stalin’s plan to bring all of Germany’s capital into soviet control when the allies cleverly devised a plan to keep the 2 million plus people alive. They decided to “fly in supplies… For nearly a year”. Eventually with the bravery and perseverance of the pilots and the allies the soviets and Stalin gave up hope of having all of Berlin.

North Korea was a communist country and South Korea was a democratic country. North Korea almost took over all of South Korea to the point where there was almost no South Korea. The U.N. and the U.S. helped South Korea take back their land. Almost to the point where North Korea was almost gone. But then China didn’t want Americans near their border so they sent troops to help out the North Koreans. In the end they ended up splitting the country at the 38 parallel line. The containment method used here was more violent than the one used in Germany just a few years prior. It showed that the U.S. Was going to stand up not only to free people that are in danger of being oppressed but also to communism spreading in Asia.

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The USSR came to an agreement with Cuba, that Cuba would let the USSR set up missiles. Cuba agreed. The U.S. picked up on the missile though spy planes and the U.S. got s…

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