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“The Color of Magic” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Color of Magic”

Imagine our real world. What happens when you turn it inside out? To turn everything upside down? The Earth is flat. Location technology will replace the magic. The physical laws of the universe will begin to obey the whims of the gods of idleness cerned somewhere in the top and playing dice. Death ceases to be terrible ephemeral essence, from which there is no salvation anywhere … Discworld – this is the reverse side of the world. The place where all the way around, inside and out. This is where the logic is not brought to the point of absurdity, and an absurdity built into the laws of logic. Just look at the characters in “The Color of Magic”

The Librarian. It would seem, well, it would be possible here to distort? In all the worlds the librarians if they are there – it poluuchenye ladies and gentlemen, in which other actors can provide valuable, often long and overarching information. Whom do we see in Ankh-Morpork the library, the “main” town Discworld? Orangutan! Sweet, red, sometimes sad orangutan, of which a maximum of what can be achieved – this is the phrase “Ooh-to.” And that gives the book is not for a library card, and for bananas. For librarians, too, need something to eat.

The tourist Twoflower. The first in the history of the Discworld tourist. Yes, and part-time insurance agent. Let us recall what are the tourists in other fantasy worlds. Most often, these are people from other worlds, faraway countries. Often possess remarkable sharpness and different skills that help them to get out of difficult situations in which they will tighten the authors. Twoflower not. Absolutely. He does not understand that walking around with a huge amount of money through the dark alleys of the city is dangerous, do not realize that the ancient gods terrible not shoot at the camera and do not try to have maliciously configured to ask the Dryads in protected forest how to get to your destination. And Twoflower sincerely do not understand. He – Tourist and all in his journey is perceived through the prism of confidence that the very word “tourism” gives him automatic immunity to any trouble

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The gods.. Oh, every fantasy world of their gods, but they live on a clearly defined, delimited to the laws given to them by the Creator, or the universe itself. Gods in the fantasy worlds – is the very essence of logic, even perverse, sometimes missing, but somehow subordinate to the basic laws of the universe. Gods of the Discworld live outside the law. Not because they had not been established, no. Just because they are not interested. Boring. Gods Discworld recognize only one law, or rather the rules of the game: throw of the dice and the value in it fell. Their intervention in the lives of people who worship them are regulated by the dice. Lucky evil – of a hero dragon ate. Lucky good – Dragon broke his teeth on the armor of the hero. The whole life of the gods – the essence of the game, and nothing more

The death of.. The unique character of Discworld. Only here Death (by the way, is He) has a physical embodiment. Skeleton, wrapped in a black cloak with a hood and a large, ostroottochennoy oblique. Only in this world, death can apologize to the city dweller, who accidentally stepped on the foot. Only then death can learn to play cards instead of having to pick up his soul came to him in the hands of tourists. Only in this world, death is the house and has a daughter. Let the reception, but still. Only then death can dream about vacation …

“The Color of Magic” can not be taken as an ordinary book in the style of humorous fantasy. In that sense, this book is in the style of “humorous fantasy about a humorous fantasy.” Here, everything that happens to the heroes of the book, one way or another will be familiar to you. And the heroes of the second plan, found here, have clear, though grotesque features characters from other fantasy books. That, apparently, was the idea of ​​Pratchett -. Turn inside out the real world, and in addition to laugh at themselves and their fellows in the shop

The book deserves to be read. And not because it’s famous Pratchett; not because it is the first book of the Discworld. And because it is a book about a completely different, ironic, good fantasy, unlike more than anything else. Even on himself.

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