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Bessie Head was born and reared in from South Africa. She is the writer of “The Collector of Treasures. ” Many points that she depicted in her narrative were about the oppressive attitudes some work forces had about adult females and kids and how society outcast certain adult females based upon what happened in their lives or upon what they could or could non make.

In this narrative. “The Collector of Treasures. ” Dikeledi. a strong and resilient characteris married to a adult male named Garesego who is a womaniser.

Garesego believed that everything had to be about sex. He did non take attention of his duties as a adult male. Head described him as the type of adult male who had sex with adult females like Canis familiariss. out of canal lecherousness. Out of the four old ages that they were together. Garesego got Dikeledi pregnant 3 times and left her. He did non go forth and travel to another small town. he stayed in the same small town and did non take attention of the boies he helped convey in the universe.

On the contrary. Paul is wholly different from Garesego. Paul is portrayed as the adult male who cares about his adult female and treats her like a individual. He is at that place for his married woman. Kenalepe. and their kids. Sing Paul dainty his married woman like a individual was something new for Dikeledi and seeing that type of action from a adult male to his married woman led Dikeledi to seek to speak to Garesego.

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The Collector Of Treasures By Bessie Head

Garesego is your typical male. so when Dikeledi asked him for money to take attention of their kids. he expected sex in return. Dikeledi had another program in head. Her mentality in this scenario was that Garesego phallus is the lone thing that makes him different from her and he used to command adult females. Therefore. when she castrated him. non merely did she kill him. she made him her equal. Garesego was a adult male who did non hold any regard for adult females. He used them as sex objects and threw them off when he was done. In Dikeledi’s experience. he used her one excessively many times. Without his phallus. Dikeledi felt he could non ache anyone any longer. particularly her. She had watched him handle her wronglongenough every bit good as other adult females. Dikeledi felt that without his phallus. Garesego and she would be on the same degree.

This narrative is entitled. “A Collector of Treasures” and Dikeledi was decidedly a aggregator of hoarded wealths. Even though throughout the full narrative. she had nil but grief after grief and bad things done to her. nevertheless. she did non allow that impact who she was destined to be. Dikeledi was non the ordinary lady. she was stronger than the mean adult female and cognize how to make everything the mean adult female and adult male could. That is one thing she treasured. Dikeledi besides treasured the fact that she could make what she needed to make to do certain her and her household was taken attention of. Dikeledi treasured the fact that she was a strong. independent adult female.

Dikeledi’s name meant “Tears. ” Throughout the full narrative. Dikeledi ne’er shed a tear whether it was felicity or unhappiness. She valued her strong willed head and her finding to make the incredible. Due to the fact that she was a strong adult female likely meant that she caused person else tears. but non herself. There are some dry points in this narrative. One is that the protagonist’s name was Dikeledi and you pronounce the beginning of her name as “Dick” which is a slang name for phallus. Besides. the writer of this narrative name is Bessie Head and Dikeledi had a good “head” on her shoulder. Dikeledi was a aggregator of many hoarded wealths and she added her husband’s phallus to the aggregation. Throughout Dikeledi’s difficult life. she has looked beneath the surface and collected little hoarded wealths. and these gave her the strength to travel on.

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