The following example essay on “The Civil War” reveals the war between the North and the South, which has gone down in history as the largest and bloodiest conflict in the Americas.

America is often referred to as”the land of the free and the home of the brave”, the first great democracy and a country where”These men are created equal” and they’ve the right to”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. This ideology was used by them for invading states over to’create sure they are’.

As this is happening, a huge proportion of Americans were , like the states America tried to alter, oppressed and treated like second-class citizens.

Black people generally had the worst-paid unskilled occupations, also from the southern nations, that had partially fought in the defence of slavery during the Civil War and put in put the’Jim Crow’ laws, making them allegedly”separate but equal”, but in fact it segregated them, giving black people social, economic and educational disadvantages.

They also found it rather difficult to vote,”You would be confronted with every conceivable barrier taking the walk into the ballot box” (Martin Luther King 1963).

There weren’t any’Jim Crow’ laws in the northern nations, but black people still had to carry a lot of the lowest paid occupations. They had to dwell from the weakest areas of their cities, meaning city slums became separate communities that are black since previously happened formally in the south. The warfare provided black Americans to press their case to civil rights.

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During the First World War black leaders consented to suspend their effort expecting that improvements could come after the war. This mistake was not repeated by them.

In 1941; Philip Randolph planned a 100,000 strong protest in business industry. The government was alarmed at the possibility of a parade, and opted to strike at a bargain. Roosevelt agreed to ban discrimination against black workers in government and industrial projects, and establish a committee to record of discrimination. They found out there is discrimination in industry, however the FEPC couldn’t force businesses to employ people that were black, however it could undermine not to provide them government contracts.

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